Deshaun Watson Associate Takes Shot at Former Browns QB Baker Mayfield

Deshaun Watson

Getty Images Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The personal quarterback coach for Cleveland Browns star Deshaun Watson took an unprovoked shot at Baker Mayfield on social media over the weekend, drawing the ire of some fans.

Quincy Avery has worked with Watson for most of his career and was dubbed as a long-time friend of the Browns QB by earlier this year as Watson prepared for his NFL return. Avery has made it clear over the last year that he doesn’t have much respect for Watson’s predecessor and took another shot at Mayfield on Sunday.

“I only throw shots at QBs I don’t like as ppl like Baker everyone else I think I’m pretty fair lol,” Avery tweeted on Sunday.

Mayfield is a polarizing personality and how things ended in Cleveland following the trade for Watson didn’t make anything easier. Mayfield’s inconsistent play was a significant reason in the decision by the Browns to move on but it’s clear Avery isn’t a fan of his boisterous persona either.

Avery Called Out Over Watson’s Lackluster Play

The comment on Mayfield didn’t sit well with some people, who called out Avery in the comments.

“Are you really a quarterback coach? I only asked because Watson looked like a punter this season,” one user tweeted.

That sentiment was a common theme in the brief comment section.

“I’d be more worried about coaching your client up, so you aren’t unemployed soon,” another user wrote. “Didn’t look like he did much work with a QB coach over those 700 days, but yet here you are.”

It’s not the first time Avery has taken a shot at Mayfield. When he threw an interception against the Browns in Week 1, he made sure to call it out.

“That’s the Baker we know and love!” Avery wrote.

Watson Didn’t Look Sharp in Time as Starter

Deshaun Watson

Getty ImagesQuarterback Deshaun Watson stands on the field with head coach Kevin Stefanski.

Watson did not look sharp when he eventually returned from an 11-game suspension, but part of those struggles were expected, considering it had been 700 days since his last NFL action. There was nothing Avery or anyone else could do to simulate the speed and higher stakes of a live game.

“I’ll just say I felt every one of those 700 days,” Watson said after his first start against the Texans.

Watson played the final six games for the Browns, with the team going 3-3. Watson — who led the league in passing yards in 2020 — completed 58.2% of his passes for 1,102 yards and seven touchdowns with five interceptions. The Browns are expecting big things out of Watson next season with another offseason and some game experience under his belt.

“Obviously, having the true offseason with Deshaun and starting the season with him is I think will be obviously a big deal as it relates to that,” Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said at the end of the season. “We want to make sure that we are scoring points in any which way we can. We want to give our guys a chance to play fast.”

Mayfield will be looking for a new gig this offseason after a tumultuous season. He lost his starting job with the Panthers but had a solid showing during his stint with the Los Angeles Rams to close out the year. The question now becomes if the former No. 1 overall pick will get another chance to compete for a starting job or if he’ll be relegated to a high-profile backup role somewhere.

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