Former Browns Star Calls Out Team Over Release

Former Browns receiver went on a long social media rant about his departure.

Getty Images Former Browns receiver went on a long social media rant about his departure.

Jarvis Landry took to social media to express frustration about his departure from the Cleveland Browns in 2022.

Landry was integral to the Browns’ turnaround into a playoff contender during his stay in Cleveland from 2018-21. He became a fan favorite thanks to his outspoken leadership and production on the field.

However, the Browns were forced to make a tough decision in 2022. Landry was coming off an injury and the Browns wanted to go in a different direction. Shortly after acquiring Amari Cooper via a trade with the Dallas Cowboys, the Browns released Landry.

Landry isn’t active on social media. However, he went on a rant on Thursday, March 14, about wanting to find a new team. One commenter said he shouldn’t have left the Browns. Landry said it wasn’t his call.

“I tried to my G. I asked to restructure and I was told ‘hold up’ then next thing you know another WR was signed and I got my walking papers,” Landry wrote.

Landry’s career took a tough turn after the Browns released him. He went on to sign a one-year deal with his hometown Saints but appeared in just nine games. Hampered by injuries, Landry caught just 25 passes for 272 yards and one touchdown. New Orleans chose not to bring back the 30-year-old receiver and he didn’t play last season.

Jarvis Landry Wanted to Win Super Bowl With Browns

Jarvis Landry said he didn't like what was going on with the Browns.

Getty ImagesJarvis Landry said he didn’t like what was going on with the Browns.

Landry’s rant about the Browns was lengthy. The 31-year-old receiver said that he disliked what was happening in Cleveland, especially after the team won a playoff game during the 2020 season. One of the moves included parting ways with Odell Beckham Jr., who remains one of Landry’s best friends.

“I stayed quite in CLE because I didn’t like what was going on and I was hoping for a better resolution,” Landry said. “We had a team that was one play away from playing for the AFC championship, and having the team we started with together would have played a big role in it [a]nd I saw that bigger picture.”

Despite the lengthy statement, it’s tough to say if Landry still harbors any hard feelings for Cleveland. He also said he appreciated his time with the Browns.

“Behind close doors I tried to establish the balanced needed to at least finish the year, not everyone you work with you,” Landry said. “Not everyone on the outside knew what I knew about other simple measures that could have been taken to help win a championship in CLE, which is why I never cared about what anyone said on how I choose to handle the situation. I will never take full credit about what turned around in Cleveland. It took a lot of f’n men and willpower to shift the dynamics and I’m glad that I had a chance to rock out there.”


Jarvis Landry Looking for Opportunity to Play

The Browns came up, but the source of Landry’s tweet was that he wants an opportunity to play. He has five Pro Bowls to his name — the most recent in 2019 — and feels he can still be a contributor.

“I don’t have a price, I just want an opportunity to EARN my value on a team that recognizes it and wants to win a CHAMPIONSHIP!!!” Landry wrote. “I would never believe some of these guy are better than me. Just can’t see it.”

A return to the Browns is highly unlikely. The Browns recently traded fifth- and sixth-round picks to the Denver Broncos to land former first-round pick Jerry Jeudy.

Jeudy joins Cooper and Elijah Moore in the receiving corps in Cleveland. The Browns also have young wide receivers David Bell and Cedric Tillman. Quarterback Deshaun Watson is expected to be healthy for the start of next year after season-ending shoulder surgery.

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