Insider Proposes Browns Trade Odell Beckham to Buccaneers

Getty Images Browns WR Odell Beckham.

Odell Beckham Jr. has made no secret of his admiration for Tom Brady over the years, and at least one analyst thinks it’s possible that the Cleveland Browns star will be catching passes from the legendary 43-year-old quarterback next season.

ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington revealed on Get Up! that he could see Beckham landing with the Super Bowl champs next season, although he admits it would probably take quite a bit to get it done.

Host Mike Greenberg prompted the answer by asking which player could be on the way to play with “Tampa Tom.”

“I’m going to say it, but there is a caveat that comes with it — I’m going to say Odell Beckham Jr.,” Darlington said. “I’m going to say that because of the relationship between Tom Brady and Odell. Fully understanding that this would take a lot to actually make this happen. Keep in mind that Tom Brady did not, before the start of this season, pitch [general manager] Jason Licht on the idea of Odell coming down to [Tampa], despite the fact that those guys would like to play together at some point.”

The Bucs offense had plenty of firepower to work with during the Super Bowl run, but Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown are all set to be free agents. With the team eyeing a repeat as the clock ticks on Tom Brady’s career, Beckham could be a solution.

“I say this because I could see going into this offseason, with Odell being in a situation where it feels like perhaps he’s more expendable to the Browns than he was last year, that perhaps Jason Licht would take the call,” Darlington said. “But to all these points, I’m also told they really do like where they stand with Chris Godwin, with Mike Evans, with Antonio Brown if they can bring him back. If something changes, though, that would be the one I’d be watching.”

Odell Beckham Has Had High Praise for Tom Brady

odell beckham tom brady

GettyOdell Beckham and Tom Brady.

Brady and Beckham had an extended chat outside of the locker room when the Patriots played the Browns in 2019. Beckham also gifted Brady a pair of unique goat-haired cleats, a sign that he believed Brady to be the NFL GOAT — greatest of all time.

“That was always a dream of mine to play for Tom Brady,” Beckham said in 2019, his first season in Cleveland.

“He’s not human, to be playing the way he’s still playing, mentally prepared every single game, decisive decisions, knows how to manage a game,” Beckham added. “He’s just very smart, he’s the best to ever do it. I don’t think anybody could argue it. He’s just the greatest, so I definitely want some of the water that he’s drinking. That’s who everyone — I know for me, as well — we all are inspired to be like.”

Odell Beckham Coming Off ACL Tear

Getty ImagesWide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. of the Cleveland Browns.

Beckham appears happy in Cleveland, but commands a big salary and is coming off an ACL tear. Before the injury, Beckham had 23 catches on 43 targets for 319 yards and three touchdowns, also adding a rushing score. On top of that, the Cleveland offense clicked without him as they picked up their first playoff win in more than a quarter-century.

That being said, the Browns have made it fairly clear that Beckham is a part of their future.

“I have said it multiple times, Odell is a good football player,” Browns general manager Andrew Berry told reporters at the end of last season. “He acclimated nicely with our program, with Kevin and with his teammates. Quite honestly, I just want as many good football players on the roster as possible.”

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