Browns Pro Bowler Issues Challenge to Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield

Getty Images Former Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett.

Wyatt Teller is cheering for his good buddy Baker Mayfield to succeed following his trade from the Cleveland Browns – except in Week 1 when they’ll face off to kick off the season in Carolina.

Teller joined the “Go Long Happy Hour” show this week for a whiskey-fueled discussion on the recent happenings in Cleveland, including the trade that sent Mayfield to the Panthers. While Teller still has lots of love for his former quarterback, he had a challenge for him when they face off.

“Line up at 3-technique Baker, if you want to beat my ass,” Teller joked. “You can give my defense hell but you’re not going to beat my ass.”

It was a good-natured poke at Mayfield by Teller, who said he considers the former top pick as one of his best friends. But Teller got real about what Mayfield will be facing in Week 1, with Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney lining up ready to sack him.

“I hope he does great and we win by one point. I hope he does great things to lead that team. But my buddy Baker is still in a competition and has to go win that thing,” Teller said. “Whoever we do play, they have to go against the best defensive ends in the country. I hope the best for them, but good luck. I’ve blocked Myles. It’s not easy and Clowney is no joke.”

Teller Defends Mayfield After ‘Childish’ Report

Shortly after Mayfield was dealt, details started to emerge about his tenure in Cleveland. One report cited Mayfield’s “childish” demeanor as a major issue for the Browns.

“Mayfield was widely viewed as childish and immature. His behavior annoyed teammates and divided the locker room,” Jason Lloyd of The Athletic wrote on July 7. “He was often difficult to coach.”

Teller acknowledged that Mayfield can be stubborn at times but laughed off the report that it was affecting the locker room.

“The whole thing with Baker being ‘childish’ went around this offseason. It’s funny. Baker had an opinion and he’s one to die on that hill. There are different types of people. I would have stayed away from all the nastiness, but he’s entitled to an opinion. I think he’s going to do good things in Carolina, just not in Week 1.”

Teller Not Getting Into Deshaun Watson Situation

Teller was also asked about his current quarterback, Deshaun Watson, who is facing a suspension stemming from violating the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy because of alleged inappropriate sexual conduct during massage sessions.

“I’m paid a lot of money by the Cleveland Browns, so I always want the Cleveland Browns to win more than my personal relationships,” Teller said. “I’ve known Deshaun for a couple of months and I’m not going to ever get into the thing of he said, she said — anything like that. I don’t think it’s my place to talk. I’m not an attorney. But I think it’s important to just listen. I think it’s hard. We always were innocent until proven guilty, but now with social media and everything … I think everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

A decision from disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson is expected before training camp, although the NFL has not given a firm timeline for when it will be announced.

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