Dak Prescott Reveals Bruised Face After Cowboys’ Win [LOOK]

Dak Prescott Cowboys

Getty Dak Prescott appears to be back.

Dak Prescott showed no signs of wear from his calf injury in the Dallas Cowboys’ win over the Atlanta Falcons but did show up to his postgame press conference with a bruise under his eye. Prescott revealed that in a moment of excitement teammate CeeDee Lamb headbutted him, but the problem was the quarterback was not wearing his helmet.

“Yeah, after the second touchdown, CeeDee, I come off the field put my helmet down and then I see CeeDee coming past me, so I give him a hug and tell him good job, and I guess he thinks I have my helmet on, so he leans in to do the helmet tap and yeah face mask to cheek,” Prescott explained to reporters. “But I’m alright, I’m tough, I told you.”

There was some concern during the game when Prescott opted to lower his shoulder colliding with a Falcons defender on his way to the end zone. Prescott joked that the hardest hit he took all day was from his own teammate, not from his touchdown run.

“Yeah, I mean the hardest hit was with CeeDee on the sidelines, so I’ll be fine,” Prescott added.

Here is a look at Prescott’s bruise.

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Prescott: ‘I Knew in Pregame I Felt Good’

Aside from appearing like he got into a fight, Prescott revealed that he was okay despite the unfortunate headbutt. There was some concern about Prescott’s health given his struggles against the Broncos. Prescott was much improved in the Cowboys’ blowout win over the Falcons as the quarterback threw for 296 yards and two touchdowns while completing 77.4% of his passes. The Cowboys quarterback was asked when he knew he was back to his normal self on the football field.

“I’d say the pregame, and I think it just came from practice and everything,” Prescott explained. “As I said, I wanted to get back to working on, just getting tuned back into my footwork, using my hips. Just getting everything that therefore I knew the ball would be popping out of my hands. So, there wasn’t necessarily a throw in the game, but I knew in pregame I felt good, and I felt good about where I was and my body being synced in. And we’re able to go out there and get back to the player that I believe I am.”

Zeke on Dak: ‘He’s Intense’

Ezekiel Elliott was asked about Prescott’s fiery pregame speech, but the Cowboys running back admitted it was just a normal talk from the team’s quarterback. Elliott described Prescott as “intense” but added that the quarterback likely wanted a win over the Falcons a little bit more given their struggles in the previous game.

“I think that’s normal, I think it’s definitely normal for [Prescott],” Elliott explained during his postgame press conference. “I mean, he’s intense, he’s gonna come ready to go, but I think he definitely wanted this week a little bit more after what happened to us last week. Dak [is] our leader, we go as he go, and we did we did our job today.”

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