Titans Star DeAndre Hopkins Puts Cowboys on Notice

DeAndre Hopkins

Getty The Dallas Cowboys passed on signing receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

The Dallas Cowboys appear to not have shared a mutual interest in landing star receiver DeAndre Hopkins, despite plenty of NFL rumors dominating the headlines. During a September 7, 2023 feature with GQ’s Clay Skipper, Hopkins revealed that the Cowboys were among the teams that passed on his services this offseason and now the playmaker is plenty motivated to prove these franchises wrong.

“I’m very grateful for where I am, I think I made the best decision,” Hopkins explained. “But when you’re a player and some people feel like they’re great without you, and then you see what they have on paper, or you see what they do, you mark those games down, as a competitor. I can’t wait to play ’em and, honestly, try my best to crush they a**.”

Hopkins was pressed to list the teams that he reached out to but the interest was not reciprocated. The former Pro Bowler named the Cowboys, Lions, Giants and 49ers as some of the franchises that passed on him once he became a free agent.

“Detroit Lions, they didn’t want me,” Hopkins revealed. “Dallas Cowboys didn’t want me. Giants didn’t want me. S***. Who else ain’t want me? San Fran ain’t want me.”

DeAndre Hopkins Signed a 2-Year, $26 Million Contract With the Tennessee Titans

To recap, the Cardinals tried to trade Hopkins but could not find a suitor to take on his two-year, $54 million contract. Ultimately, Arizona released Hopkins and the receiver indicated Dallas did not share an interest in a deal.

Hopkins was spotted working out in Dallas and had ex-Cowboys star Dez Bryant campaigning for owner Jerry Jones to make a run at the receiver. Tennessee signed Hopkins to a two-year, $26 million contract in free agency.

Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy on DeAndre Hopkins Rumors: ‘I Really Do Like the Look of Our Group’

Dallas opted to trade for Brandin Cooks and stick with their current group of receivers. The Cowboys appear to be optimistic that Jalen Tolbert can improve during his second NFL season. When news of Hopkins’ release broke, head coach Mike McCarthy indicated that the team was sticking with its group of wideouts.

“I’ll say this, obviously being on offense full-time I really do like the look of our group,” McCarthy explained to reporters on June 1. “The vertical speed, we’ve made some improvement there and obviously we’re not in any full speed type activities, outside of seven-on-seven, so you can feel that from our guys. But yeah, as far as players that are not here, there’s nothing good that comes out of those answers.

“Hops [is] a hell of a talent. I had a chance to be around his first Pro Bowl, so I’ve always had respect for him since his rookie year.”

As for Hopkins’ goal to “crush they a**,” it will have to come from afar as the Cowboys do not face the Titans during the regular season. Hopkins does not play any of the four teams he singled out for passing on him in free agency. We would need to see a Cowboys-Titans Super Bowl for Hopkins to truly have a chance at the potential payback he outlined.

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