Russell Wilson ‘Wants Dak’s Chair’ with Cowboys, Says NFL Hall of Famer

Russell Wilson Trade

Getty Russell Wilson is ready for the season.

As the Dak Prescott for Russell Wilson rumors swirl, Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin believes the Seattle Seahawks quarterback may be eying a change of scenery. During an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher, Irvin indicated that Wilson’s unhappiness may be about his desire to play for an iconic franchise like the Cowboys as much as it is related to his current situation with the Seahawks.

“Quarterbacks suddenly have the power to leave a team,” Irvin explained. “But that also means they have the power to come to a team. …Russell Wilson wants Dak’s chair.”

Fisher added that he perceived Irvin’s comments as “speculative” but the larger point is that NFL quarterbacks are exercising their power to control their future. We are entering a new era of the NFL replacing the days when quarterbacks played the majority of their careers with one team.

We have already seen Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford traded and free agency has not even begun. Deshaun Watson is holding fast with his trade demands in Houston causing speculation that Wilson could do the same if the Seahawks do not listen to his request for changes.

The Cowboys Are Reportedly ‘Focused on Dak’

Prescott and Wilson are two of the biggest quarterbacks with an uncertain future remaining but for different reasons. Wilson is under contract with the Seahawks through 2023 but continues to voice his frustration with Seattle through the media. Prescott is technically a free agent but the Cowboys are expected to use the franchise tag for the second straight season if a long-term deal cannot be reached. Fisher reported the Cowboys remain “focused on Dak” rather than orchestrating a potential blockbuster quarterback swap.

“Sources tell me that the Cowboys are ‘aware’ of the Wilson situation but that the Cowboys front office is ‘focused on Dak,'” Fisher explained.

There Is Bad Blood Between the Seahawks & Cowboys Which Have Prevented Multiple Trades From Happening

Skeptics would be wise to point out that the Cowboys have been “focused on Dak” for two years but no deal has been signed. On paper, a Wilson-Prescott trade makes sense given the uncertainty surrounding both franchises, but it is much more complicated than pulling off a Madden trade. NFL Network’s Jane Slater detailed the animosity between the Cowboys and Seahawks. The Cowboys were open to trading Aldon Smith last season, but would not deal the pass rusher to the Seahawks when the team came calling, per Slater.

“Because 140 characters weren’t enough let’s put Dak vs Russell hypothetical to bed folks,” Slater noted on Twitter. “Also keep in mind the [Cowboys] were happy to give up 1st rounders WHEN the team was healthy and a safety away from perceived success. Different year, challenges and we are talking QB!”

Whether or not Wilson is traded remains to be seen and there are a lot of reasons to think nothing will happen prior to the 2021 season. Wilson continues to be connected to the Cowboys, but that does not mean he will end up wearing a star on his helmet.

The Cowboys are one of four teams Wilson is willing to play for if the Seahawks opt to trade the quarterback, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported that Wilson has been eying a move to Dallas since before this offseason.

“Throughout this period of time where I’ve been aware that things aren’t 100 percent great for Wilson and the Seahawks, the one team that keeps coming up when I’ve tried to gather information about where he could go or where he’d like to go, the Cowboys are the one team that’s been mentioned more than any other,” Florio told 105.3 The Fan, per Sports Illustrated. “I suspect that Russell has an eye on Dallas.”

For now, “Dak’s chair” with the Cowboys is not for sale, but it will be worth watching what will happen if Prescott is franchise tagged once again. We could start to see the Wilson-Prescott rumors heat up again if no long-term extension is reached prior to the 2021 season.

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