Pat McAfee Praises Lions’ ‘Unbelievable’ Culture Change

Pat McAfee

Getty Pat McAfee in 2022 at the American Century Championship.

The Detroit Lions are enjoying a season of renewed optimism following a major winning streak and some improved momentum, and there are some signs that the team is on the right track moving forward.

More than just one person is starting to see that being the case, and the case is being made that the team could be in the right place moving forward for the future.

On the Pat McAfee Show, Pat McAfee provided some great commentary on where he sees the team is at, and how well they have done in their rebuild. As he said, the biggest reason for this is the team’s culture.

“They’re in a spot now where they have an identity. All of those former players they have coaching in there, feels like they have a pretty good culture. There was a lot of moments where they could have quit, where they could have turned against, where there could have been a little revolt shall we say to coaches who were former player,” McAfee said. “It seems they all kind of dug in. The Detroit Lions could make the playoffs this year. It’s unbelievable what they’ve been able to accomplish. Congrats to all the Lions fans out there.”

Specifically, McAfee said that he thinks the culture is real for the team.

“I will say the Colts were 1-6 last year, it came all the way down to the last week. They lose to clown town to get kicked out. I don’t think that’s going to happen to Detroit because it feels like the culture is a real one there,” McAfee said.

If the Lions manage to take their playoff chase down the stretch to the final game after being 1-6, it would be a testament to the leadership on the team and their belief in each other.

Obviously, McAfee sees this and is a believer in the team as a result.

Lions in Much Different Place Than 2021

What a difference a year makes for the Lions. Last year at this time, Detroit had only one win to their credit and double-digit losses. The Lions had scored a sloppy tie midseason which felt as if it was a win.

Detroit would only finish with a pair of wins down the stretch, but it’s clear that some of the victories boosted them into the 2022 season. Last December, the Lions were not playing meaningful football and were simply playing out the string of a lost season.

This year, the Lions are scoring some actual wins on the gridiron, and with five wins, they’ve already shattered their three win total from last year. With more games on the horizon that seem winnable, the Lions could certainly improve substantially on the mark that they put up last year.

Lions Poised to Finish Season With Momentum

No matter what happens in the playoff race, if the Lions finish the season doubling their win total from 2021 or just exceeding that, that would still have to be seen as a major step forward.

When Detroit had a 1-6 record earlier in the season, questions swirled about the team, coaching staff and front office. Detroit’s return to respectability has helped make the end of the season exciting, and if the team doubled their win total, it would signal some progress for the decision-makers to hang their hats on.

Come 2023, the expectation could be for the Lions to improve even more, and perhaps start to make a playoff push. If things go in chronological order, that would make plenty of sense given where the team was last year and seems to be trending this season.

With a full coffer of draft selections as well as more money to spend, the team should be able to hit the ground running in 2023 during the offseason. With some on-field momentum, that could help the Lions in a big way to sustain some future success.

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