‘They’ll Be Something:’ Former Cowboys Wideout Praises Lions Rebuild

Dez Bryant

Getty Dez Bryant on the field in 2017 before a Dallas game.

The Detroit Lions have been one of the toughest teams to beat early in the 2022 season, and in spite of that, they are still 1-2 heading into Week 4.

Still, there are plenty of folks that are impressed with the Lions thus far this season. Count Dez Bryant amongst one of the team’s biggest believers moving forward in 2022.

While the Lions collapsed late against the Minnesota Vikings, Bryant was actually stunned by the loss. As he tweeted, if the Lions manage to clean up some of their “minor mistakes” they will “be something.”

“I can’t believe Detroit lost that game..Soon as they can get ahold to the minor mistake they’ll be something,” Bryant tweeted.

Lions fans will say that they’ve been saying the same thing for over 60 years, but Bryant seems to understand that the team is trending in the right direction with their coaching staff.

Detroit had a win in their back pocket until a late meltdown cost them. Instead of punting or going on fourth down to salt the game away, Dan Campbell inexplicably tried a 54 yard field goal with Austin Seibert. Seibert missed, and the Lions gave up the game-winning score minutes later.

Still, fans should heed Bryant’s words. He thinks the Lions are very close to breaking through for good.

Bryant Has Been Cheering Lions for Weeks

Clearly, Bryant loves watching the Lions. For the first three weeks of the season, he’s been a major cheerleader for the team while watching the games. That played out once again in Week 3.

Early in the game, with the Lions dominating, Bryant hopped on Twitter and continued to champion the Lions in a big way.

“I see you Detroit Lions!!!,” Bryant tweeted with Detroit performing well during the first half.

In addition to this game, Bryant has been tweeting positive thoughts about the Lions before. He also cheered their effort in Week 2, saying he told everyone the Lions were good.

Only time will tell if Bryant ends up right about the Lions in 2022.

Jared Goff Thinks Lions Have Arrived

While the Lions were not able to win the game, some folks may proclaim the team is close to breaking through. Goff rejects that notion, and according to him, the Lions have actually arrived.

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“I think the idea that we’re close. Yeah we’re getting better, sure that was close to winning. But no, we’re there,” Goff said. “Our defense played well. Our offense played well. We just have to finish and make two or three more plays in that game and we’re having a completely different conversation right now.”

According to Goff, the fact that the Lions have already put away a win in a tough situation will help them to get over the hump in the future. Now, it’s a matter of finding a way to get it done.

“We did it last week. We know we can do it. We have the guys who can do it, we have the coaches who can do it. Just need to do it. What is that reason why? I don’t know, but I know we have the guys here to solve those problems. It’s not close, it’s there. We just need to do it,” Goff said.

Last season, the Lions were seen as a team that was on the cusp of greatness or breaking through. This year, to flip the script, they need to figure out how to get over the hump and make the plays they need to make.

Bryant would no doubt agree with this, and as he thinks, if the Lions get things ironed out, they could be a fast force.

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