Pass Rusher Revealed as Top 2023 Free Agent Lions Must Retain

John Cominsky

Getty John Cominsky on the field for the Lions in a 2022 preseason game.

The Detroit Lions have some big decisions coming down the pipe as it relates to free agency in the coming weeks, and right now it seems everyone has an opinion about who should stay.

From the offense to the defense, there are plenty of players who have made a good case for a comeback, but sorting out who stands out the most can be tough duty given how well the team played.

Defensively, however, there are a couple of players who have stood out amongst all others, and folks took note of what they meant to the team. Pro Football Focus took a look at naming some of the key themes of Detroit’s offseason, and within, the “player to retain” was revealed.

For the Lions, that was John Cominsky according to the site, and that’s due to everything he brought Detroit’s defensive line last season.

“Cominsky brought versatility and physicality to the Lions’ defense in his first season in Detroit, becoming a more consistent pass rusher with his 6-foot-5, 285-pound frame that also enabled him to kick inside. He and rookie first-rounder Aidan Hutchinson both demonstrated positional flexibility along the defensive line, which could help Detroit construct different looks and manufacture pressure on opposing quarterbacks if he’s kept around for 2023 and beyond,” the site wrote.

Statistically, there could be a good basis for keeping Cominsky and giving him starting reps given how well he performed in that scenario, something the site pointed out. He showed a knack to getting to the quarterback.

“Cominsky became an official starter in Week 11, and his 31 quarterback pressures from that point through the end of the regular season tied for eighth among edge defenders,” the piece said.

Given what he meant to the defense, Cominsky could be a major fit for the future and a good player to bring back and keep around for the future. To this end, he

John Cominsky Serious About Returning to Lions

Clearly, Cominsky values the Lions just as much, and he has been beating the drum about desiring a comeback for the 2023-24 season. As Colton Pouncey of The Athletic tweeted, he spoke to Cominsky, who confirmed he wants a return to the team.

“I do want to be here. I’ve told all the coaches. I’ve told players I want to be here. I want to be with these guys. We have a young room. I would love to be that veteran in that room. Josh Paschal and Demetrius Taylor and James Houston and Aidan Hutchinson, you know, I love all those guys. To be here and be a leader, mentor for them, I would love that,” Cominsky said as detailed in Pouncey’s tweet.

Cominsky also has talked about desiring another season on Instagram in a lengthy post, so it’s clear that he feels good about where he was at with regards to the Lions this season.

If the team approaches him, it feels like Cominsky would be open to a return based on all these factors. Based on his fit, it could be a great scenario for the Lions to keep him around.

John Cominsky’s 2022 Stats & Highlights

While many other defenders may received more love for their play this season, it’s been clear that Cominsky was bringing a big edge to the team and was a glue guy for the defense.

Statistically, Cominsky enjoyed his best season in the NFL with Detroit in 2022, posting 30 total tackles, four sacks, one forced fumble and three passes defended. Energy-wise, he continued to show his strength to the roster and the defense throughout the year. He collapsed the pocket constantly and was responsible on the edge.

It’s been clear Lions aren’t simply just looking for stats when it comes to their defense. A player like Cominsky who is a quality leader while also bringing energy is someone who will seemingly always have value for the Lions and Aaron Glenn.

Cominsky clearly wants to come back, and there could be a good basis for bringing him back on a new contract.

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