Lions RB Jamaal Williams Receives Major Fine From NFL After Dance

Jamaal Williams

Getty Jamaal Williams on the field for the Lions vs. the Packers in 2023.

The Detroit Lions beat the Green Bay Packers in a hotly-contested game a few weeks back, and some of the big plays within were cause for major celebration.

Running back Jamaal Williams managed to shatter a team touchdown record during the game. As a result, he was dancing all night long including after his pair of scores. Those moves cost his wallet, however.

As NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero reported, Swift was fined $18,566 for the celebration on the field, moves that some may even call excessive sexiness.

“The NFL fined Lions RB Jamaal Williams $18,566 again for excessive sexiness – excuse me, unsportsmanlike conduct – as a result of his hip-swiveling TD dances in last Sunday night’s win over the Packers. No flags were thrown,” Pelissero tweeted.

The league continues to try and make an example of Williams for his dancing and hip thrusting even though celebration is allowed on the field. For the Lions and their fans, the biggest frustration from this event likely involved the same game, however.

Quay Walker Fined Smaller Amount for Trainer Bump

Perhaps ironically – and frustratingly so for Detroit fans – Williams’ fine paled in comparison to that of another player involved in the same game in Green Bay linebacker Quay Walker.

In a viral moment in the game, Walker shoved a Detroit trainer out of the way who was attempting to administer medical aid to running back D’Andre Swift late in the contest. Walker was ripped on social media for the mistake, and was ejected during the game. He was shown exiting the field crying.

As Pelissero also reported, Walker was being fined $13,261 for the shove of the Detroit medical staff member during the contest.

“The NFL fined Packers LB Quay Walker $13,261 for shoving a #Lions athletic trainer, who was trying to attend to an injured player last Sunday night. Walker was also flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and ejected,” he tweeted.

For those keeping track, that’s a difference of $5,305 between the two penalties. Additionally, as Pelissero said, there were no fines for defender Devante Wyatt who also bumped a trainer or defender Jarran Reed, who slammed Swift’s head with a forearm.

Add it up and it seems the punishments do not seem to fit both crimes.

Jamaal Williams Drew Penalty for Similar Celebration

The NFL has attempted to crack down on Williams and his thrusting celebration all season long. Earlier in the year in Week 2, Williams was flagged for such a display after a touchdown run in Minnesota.

Speaking after the game to the media, Williams discussed his reaction to the celebration penalty. As he said, he was surprised to draw the flag given he has gotten away with such celebrations in the past.

“I’m like, ‘did they just flag me for doing the dance that I’ve been doing literally forever?’ Before Key and Peele, before all the hip stuff, I’ve been doing this forever so now my stuff is correlated to (a penalty?) Nothing against them, you know, but that’s mine. My hips. It’s not even thrusting, it’s more like a wave. Mine is a wave, that’s why I should get away with it. I’ve been getting away with it all these years but now they want to bust me for it,” Williams said to the media.

As Williams also said, the worst part of the ordeal at the time was the reality that he let the team down with a key penalty.

“I was pissed. I was sad and disappointed in myself because I gave the team up an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and it’s just like ‘damn.’ It really stamped my mood a little bit, but everybody was like ‘forget about it, just keep pushing’ but it still sucks though,” he said.

Williams would probably admit being fined for the same dance sucks as well, given he just wants to have fun on the field. After the win over Green Bay, though, he isn’t likely to care too much.

In the future, Williams will have to remember the league is watching him very closely if he wants to keep his hard-earned cash.

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