Lions QB Jared Goff Explains Offense’s Biggest Preseason Goals

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff fires a pass during Lions training camp in 2022.

Preseason games may not count in the standings, but the Detroit Lions are trying to set the tone before the 2022 season, and that counts most of all at this point in time.

Pushing toward Friday night against the Atlanta Falcons, the team is getting ready for their dress rehearsal, and according to Jared Goff, the time is now to set the proper tone for the year.

Speaking to the media after practice on Tuesday, August 9, Goff was asked about the plan for the Lions. As he said, while the game might not be official, what happens on the field can lead to habits the rest of the way.

Jared Goff, David Blough, and Tim Boyle meet the media at Detroit Lions Training CampWatch Detroit Lions quarterbacks Jared Goff, David Blough, and Tim Boyle speak to the media on August 9, 2022 at Detroit Lions Training Camp presented by Rocket Mortgage. 00:00 – 7:09: QB Jared Goff 7:10 – 12:42: QB David Blough 12:43 – 19:09: QB Tim Boyle Subscribe to the Lions YT Channel: More Lions…2022-08-09T21:45:01Z

“The results in a preseason game obviously don’t count, but we do want to have good results,” Goff told the media. “Most of all, I think just breaking the huddle right, getting lined up, snapping the ball and getting good plays off and getting productive plays off. At the same time, just feeling good about when we’re out there with the starters.”

To sum it up, Goff wants to see the Lions be able to have a solid procedure on the field when his group sees action.

“Operation, procedure, operation and feeling good about that,” he said.

It might sound mundane to some, but to the Lions, it’s everything before a new season. The team wants to avoid any sloppiness, especially when the starters are on the field together and trying to build vital chemistry.

Goff ‘Feels Good’ About Lions Offensive Line

A big variable for the Detroit preseason is keeping the offensive line healthy and engaged in the game plan. So far, Goff likes what he has seen from the Detroit front in camp, and is happy the group has been together so far.

“It’s been huge. I think it starts in the run game,” Goff said. “Like we’ve always said, when we’re able to run the ball well, the play action game will make that protection that much better and then just those guys are starting to jell a little bit up front. It takes some time from last year being banged up a little bit.”

Pushing toward the preseason and regular season, however, Goff is optimistic about what he has seen on the field.

“This year in training camp, you’ve seen it week after week get better and better. I think they feel pretty good about it and I know I feel good about it,” he said.

The preseason will give Detroit’s front the proving ground to get things off to a great start on the year, so fine tuning line and the run game will be a big part of the preseason plan on offense.

Quarterback Spot Big for Lions’ Preseason

The Lions have decisions to make at quarterback in terms of who backs up Goff. Will they stick with last year’s backup Tim Boyle, or will David Blough manage to wrestle away the job?

More than Goff’s play, that is what Lions fans will be watching against the Falcons. Boyle needs to show signs of improvement, while Blough might have to make more flashy plays in order to stick around. In addition, many wonder if Detroit will keep three quarterbacks again.

No matter who wins the job or who stays, Goff appreciates what the pair does and how they prepare in addition to simply being with them.

“It’s fun. I’ve never been in a quarterback room with the same three guys two years in a row, so it’s been fun with those guys. They keep it light, they keep it fun, they’re both extremely competitive and it’s fun for me to have guys like that who are competitive with me on the field,” he said.

That competition will show itself on Friday night. Starting with Goff, the offense is looking to be clean procedurally first and let their development continue on from there.

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