‘Going to Thrive:’ Analyst Projects Big Things for Jared Goff With Lions

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff looks on during a Rams game.

Jared Goff will come to the Detroit Lions this offseason a quarterback with plenty to prove on the field given where his career has been trending in the last few seasons, and the good news is he could be entering a perfect situation to help in unleashing his talent a bit further in the NFL.

While Detroit’s move to snag Goff as well as multiple draft picks in exchange for Matthew Stafford won’t yet be official until the new league year begins, that hasn’t stopped some folks from wondering what the Lions will do to build around Goff in support and what the team will look like with their new quarterback.

According to Michael Silver of the NFL Network, the answer revolves around Detroit’s physicality and their desire to be a run-first team. Those facts alone could help Goff get more comfortable, in addition to the fact that he is heading to a new team that will be set to appreciate his talents.

Silver said:

“I think there is some optimism there. Anthony Lynn will want to have a power running attack. Obviously, they are going to try and reflect the toughness their head coach is preaching. That could open up play action if they get that going and take some pressure off of Jared Goff, I think he is going to thrive in a situation where now hat he is not playing for a coach that was clearly displeased, I think he is going to loosen up a little bit and there are a lot of coaches and talent evaluators around the league who think the Lions made out pretty well in this trade and that Jared Goff is going to be OK”

Optimism would be a good word for the Detroit situation with Goff right now, so it will be interesting to see if the team tailors the offseason to fit what they want to do with their new quarterback. Building around Goff and helping him to gain in confidence could mean the Lions may sneak up on some folks who are assuming they will be heading for another tough year.

How well Goff plays will determine how successful the Lions are. If the team makes him comfortable, that could be great news for all parties involved.

Anthony Lynn Explains Lions Offensive Approach

Many have wondered if the Lions will be more run-heavy given Campbell’s desire for toughness. Others have maintained that Campbell might want to pass the ball more given his experience with the New Orleans Saints as an assistant coach lately.

The man who will determine what really happens is offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn. It’s harder to get an idea of what Lynn could want to do, but as he explained when speaking with the media, the answer to that question is pretty obvious from a coaching standpoint.

What type of offense will the Lions have? It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s one that helps the team win some games.

In reality, that’s exactly what offense should be about. Many will try to claim the Lions should be one thing or another, but the team simply needs to find the right balance on the field to make them winners. Whether that involves throwing the ball multiple times or running the ball multiple times shouldn’t exactly matter. It’s obvious, however, that play action as well as physicality in the trenches are going to be a huge focus for the team.

Lynn is smart enough to know that his career in the city will be determined by wins and losses and nothing else, so it’s smart that he believes the approach to win will be whatever the given game should dictate on offense.

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Jared Goff Has Major Opportunity With Lions

Goff will enter a situation in Detroit where the majority of the pressure is indeed off of him in terms of his situation. The expectations in Los Angeles were high, but now that he is being written off heading to Detroit, Goff can simply settle in and play football. Most predicted the Lions to select a quarterback in the draft or be involved in the quarterback market, but Goff can put an end to that with a quality season on the field. It’s a big chance for both him and the Lions heading into 2020.

Very quietly, the Lions may have solved a major issue on their team with a blockbuster trade. Once Goff comes into the mix, he will be given plenty of support to reinvent himself.

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