Insider Explains Why Lions May Look to Upgrade From Jared Goff Quickly

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff takes a snap for the Lions on Thanksgiving 2022.

The Detroit Lions have a player in quarterback Jared Goff who is occupying an interesting spot for the team both now and in the future.

On one hand, Goff has been a very stable presence, and is just 28 years old. He could have plenty of solid football ahead of him. On the other, there’s a thought that the Lions have perhaps needed a more dynamic or consistent player to get them over the top.

Such is the conundrum that faces the team this offseason, as they look to think about continuing to build for the present and future. So where do things sit with Goff, and where should they sit? That was the topic of a recent exercise by Mike Sando at The Athletic.

Sando ranked every quarterback situation in the league in terms of where teams should be with their signal callers, and the Lions placed in the category of “looking to upgrade” for 2023.

As Sando hinted, the Lions could look to the draft in 2023 for their upgrade at the position, and should be exploring that since it might be their last chance to snag a top quarterback as they improve.

“The Lions got their current quarterback, Jared Goff, from the Rams. They could get their next one via the Rams as well, given that Detroit holds Los Angeles’ first-round pick in 2023 (currently sixth). Goff’s contract becomes easy for the Lions to escape after this season. He has played well enough for the Lions to stay the course, but if the Lions are on the rise, the 2023 draft could be their last chance (for a while) to select a quarterback near the top,” Sando wrote.

The Lions are improving, and might improve a lot in the future. Would that prevent them a shot at a top quarterback name in years ahead? Perhaps, though they could always make trades to ensure they land a player.

Nevertheless, the team may be motivated to strike while the iron is hot at the position, and thanks to some good draft fortune, it could be very hot soon.

2023 Draft Offers Lions Mixed Options

If the Lions wish to move on from Goff and look for an upgrade, the 2023 NFL draft would be the most likely avenue for the team to get this done. Problem being, there might not be a ton of great options.

Detroit might have to hope for the Los Angeles pick to become the top overall selection to have their shot at a top end talent such as Bryce Young. The Houston Texans may be their biggest threat to drafting a quarterback early, and Young could be the best player of the bunch.

Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud has had an up and down finish to the season culminating in a tough two touchdown, two interception loss to Michigan. Whether that costs his draft stock at all remains to be seen, and the process will be vital for him.

Kentucky’s Will Levis is another intriguing option, but like Stroud, he hasn’t enjoyed the best finish to the year. That could take a bit of shine off him as well. Beyond that, the second or third round may offer names such as Hendon Hooker, but that is far from a certainty that they would be in contention for Detroit.

The Lions have defensive needs, but the iron may be very hot to strike with a quarterback this coming year.

Goff Enjoying Decent 2022 Season

In terms of what Goff has done this season, the Lions have not had reason to be all that disappointed with their quarterback statistically and otherwise.

Through Week 12, Goff has put up a very solid 17 touchdowns to just seven interceptions. Goff has thrown for a decent 2,682 yards and has been a solid game manager for the Lions. He’s avoided the big mistakes for the most part, and been a player who has looked very comfortable within the team’s offense.

Detroit could keep Goff, start him next season and use him to mentor a young quarterback for the future until they are deemed ready. The team could also keep Goff around as a backup in the future if they move on from him. They could also trade him in the event

Nothing Goff is doing in 2022 is helping to make it obvious that he should lose the job, but still, many see the Lions as in need of an upgrade. As the season pushes on, it will be interesting to see what direction this goes.

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