‘Put It on Me:’ Matthew Stafford Takes Blame for Lions Loss

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford looks dejected during the Colts game.

The Detroit Lions didn’t play consistently enough at all amid a loss to the Indianapolis Colts, and one guy is taking all the blame for the defeat on Sunday.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford was a big reason the Lions were not able to beat the Colts and measure up in another big game, and as a result, he is taking the fall for the performance. Stafford, however, doesn’t want just some of the blame. He wants all the blame for what the team managed to do on the field.

As Stafford said after the game, the Lions didn’t get it done at all and struggled in a big way thanks to his inconsistent play, and he wants all the blame for the team not cashing in the big win.

Stafford accepting blame is nothing new, and the fans will likely be happy to throw it on him. His play was only half the problem though, with the defense struggling in a massive way to slow the Colts down and once again having no answers after a run of games where they played subpar competition.

The Lions and Stafford have to find a way to regroup before a huge game against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 9.

Matthew Stafford vs. Colts

Stafford played well at times in the game, but ended up making a pair of critical errors that hurt the team in a major way. First, he fumbled the ball with the Lions driving in the 3rd quarter and a chance to take over the game. After that, Stafford fired an interception for a touchdown that helped the Colts widen their lead. It wasn’t a great run of plays at a critical time for Stafford, which hurt the team’s chances of coming back after they had wressled some momentum back in the game.

As a whole, Stafford threw for 336 yards and 2 touchdowns, but his mistakes were what most folks will remember from the game, which is the bad news.

Matthew Stafford During 2020

Stafford has run hot and cold thus far with Detroit in 2020. He’s put up some solid numbers overall with 1,916 yards, 13 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He’s completed a respectable 61.4% of passes so far this season. In a vacuum, these numbers are alright.

There has been one problem, however. The team’s defense has let the quarterback down more often than not this season. Even so, all 3 of Stafford’s picks have played a critical role in each of Detroit’s defeats. Week 1, he fired a late pick to aid Chicago’s comeback. Week 2, Stafford fired an interception for a touchdown which jump started Green Bay. Finally, in Week 4, Stafford’s untimely toss into the end zone thwarted Detroit’s shots at reclaiming the lead mid-game. This wasn’t the play the Lions hoped for from a player some hyped as a dark horse MVP candidate. Stafford has simply been alright, but this season, just being alright wasn’t going to get it done, especially with the team’s defensive failures so pronounced.

That happened again in Week 8, and it’s been a troubling trend for Stafford to not get the job done more often than not when he is facing pressure in a game.

There’s been pressure on Stafford to be the whole team again, which puts him in a very tough position. The trouble? He hasn’t completely delivered solid, consistent play.

This week, Stafford wants all the blame for the team not being able to execute and put together a big win.

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