Nate Sudfeld Sends Message After Joining Lions: ‘I’m Very Confident’

Nate Sudfeld

Getty Nate Sudfeld running with the ball in a 2018 game.

The Detroit Lions added Nate Sudfeld to their quarterback room this week, and while some might not have been excited about the move, it could prove to help the team.

Not only could Sudfeld give the Lions better snaps in a pinch if he has to, but the team could benefit as a whole from what he can provide as a backup. Already, Sudfeld has a good chemistry with Jared Goff.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, September 1, Sudfeld revealed that he has a connection with Goff already given the pair has connected before in the past.

“I’ve known Jared for a while so it’s been a really seamless transition. Looking forward to working with him,” Sudfeld said. “We’re just kind of getting to know each other right now in this setting at least, we haven’t worked together before. I’m sure it’s going to be really collaborative. It already has been, because we have some similar experiences with coaches and offenses so we can kind of speak the same language in a lot of different ways, so it’s been cool. We’ll see as I’m here longer.

How does Sudfeld know Goff? The pair shares the same agent and grew up around each other. They’ve also connected before off the field.

“Jared and I have the same agent and we came out the same year. We’re both from northern California, so I think in high school, we had the same quarterback coach we’d go to every once in a while and. Just through like the NFL combine and all that stuff, the process, we got to know each other and then we played against each other throughout the years. In the off-season, we’ll throw some times together in southern California so I know Jared well.”

To hear Sudfeld has this connection is significant for the Lions. He can hit the ground running with Goff and get acclimated fast. It should serve as a piece of positive news after the Lions were forced to abruptly switch backup quarterbacks.

Sudfeld Connected Quick With Lions Staff

In terms of the group he is joining, already, Sudfeld seems to be enjoying what he sees, even though he confesses that he was not in the building for long.

Sudfeld liked his introduction to Ben Johnson, Detroit’s offensive coordinator, and has already seen a few familiar faces that will help him ease the transition in the early days.

“Really impressed with Ben (Johnson). Great communicator, a lot of ideas, really collaborative. I’ve been really impressed honestly (with) the whole offensive staff. Have a lot of familiarity with some of the guys. Antwaan Randle El is a former Indiana Hoosier, so Hoosier quarterbacks representing out here and then obviously, I was with Duce Staley in Philadelphia when we had a lot of success, won the Super Bowl and stuff so that was awesome.”

Not only is it meeting some familiar faces, but learning new ones as well, including his new quarterback coach.

“Down the list, (seeing) a lot of those guys and then learning some of the new guys, getting to know (Mark) Brunell really well, and he’s awesome guy. Overall really impressed with the offensive staff that have been around and excited to work with them.”

The staff should help Sudfeld adjust quickly, and should get him in position to be successful with the team.

Sudfeld ‘Confident’ With Abilities

In terms of his new team, it isn’t just the people and the connection with Goff that have Sudfeld feeling good. The offense itself is one that he feels as if fits him in a big way.

“It’s a lot of concepts I’ve definitely run and done before. There’s a lot of new verbiage memorization things, so definitely going to need to study, continue to study Definitely a lot of carryover,” Sudfeld said. “There are some new concepts I haven’t done before, but I love how much we do at the line of scrimmage and how much confidence they have in Jared and the quarterbacks to get into a right play. Really looking forward to the opportunity, and to operate in the offense.”

If Sudfeld has to see the field, though, he feels good about what he can get done given how things are trending for his career.

“I’m very confident in my game. Really excited to prepare and be ready for any opportunity that comes,” he said. “Oftentimes in this league, things happen and (I’ve) been behind guys who haven’t gotten hurt for a while and that’s kind of as a backup your window to get into a game. It’s been a beautiful journey that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of and just try to get better every year. The older you get you, just want to keep stacking years and you want to keep improving as a player and then all the other stuff, it’s just a matter of time. It’ll take care of itself.”

While Lions fans might not want to see Sudfeld at all, they should at least have confidence in the connections he has and his readiness.

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