Top 5 Lions Who Could Get Moved by NFL Trade Deadline

Marvin Jones

Getty Marvin Jones in Minnesota.

The Detroit Lions are ready to try and make a push for relevancy in the second half of their season and have just the schedule to be able to get the job done on paper.

For that reason, it probably isn’t wise to assume the team will make big changes to their roster in coming weeks. But what if the bottom falls out and the Lions end up losing some winnable games? In that scenario, the team could elect to make some players available on the trade market.

It’s probably not wise to expect a big splash, but several smaller splashes could be made for the Lions, who could move a few folks out in order to pick up more draft picks.

Who could be the most likely to move on this year? Here’s a look at some of the names.

Marvin Jones, WR

Jones is on the final year of his contract and is set to be a free agent in 2021. Players with this contract status are almost always the most likely to be dealt in a situation where their team is not contending and struggling. Fans need only look back to see how Detroit handled the Golden Tate situation to see a road map for a similar deal here. Considering the talent of Jones, the team would likely have to be far out of contention for a deal to happen. There’s also the matter that Jones was one of the first players Bob Quinn ever signed as a free agent, so there is a bit of attachment there. Still, it Detroit is struggling, he could be an easy first choice to move on for a wideout needy team.

Romeo Okwara, DE/Edge

This season, Detroit’s most consistent pass rusher has been none other than Okwara. He has a whopping 2 sacks, which might not sound like much but is good enough to lead Detroit’s hapless pass rush this season. This move might be a stretch considering Okwara and his brother Julian Okwara are together and very happy with the team, but there is always a need for pass rush depth and Okwara could provide it to a contender. Okwara has been one of the better waiver wire finds of Bob Quinn’s tenure, and it might be time to cash in and get some assets for the player.

Jarrad Davis, LB

Will Bob Quinn admit to a mistake and ship out Davis, who isn’t playing a huge role for the team’s defense? It would probably be a wise move for the team considering Davis isn’t getting the snaps in Detroit that he used to and might not be the player the Lions thought they drafted in the 2017 first round. Davis has just 11 tackles this season and has struggled to make a huge impact when he does get on the field. At this point, the Lions might have no choice but to admit their mistake and move on from the defender.

Desmond Trufant, CB

What’s the going rate for a veteran cornerback that hasn’t made much of an impact for his defense this season? Probably not much considering Trufant’s health remains lagging, but the Lions could elect to move on and get something for a player who hasn’t delivered much after coming to the team this offseason as a hyped signing. His short contract wouldn’t be much of an impediment and perhaps Trufant could give someone else depth if the Lions would elect to move on.

Kenny Golladay, WR

Ideally, Golladay is a player the Lions keep and sign to some type of a major extension, no matter how much it costs or who will be running the team beyond 2020. The Lions got a similar deal done with Taylor Decker before the season, but were unable to do the same with Golladay. Where does that leave arguably Detroit’s best home grown talent in a long time? It’s tough to say, but the Lions have to at least listen to offers. If someone wants to blow them away, they have to think about making the move. Golladay is talented and the team should lock him up. If they can’t, it would be a big mistake. That doesn’t stop the fact that some calls should be taken.

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