‘No Brotherly Love’ for Carson Wentz, Eagles QB ‘Same’ as Jameis Winston

Carson Wentz

Getty Eagles QB Carson Wentz has 14 fumbles, including seven fumbles lost, during the 2019 season.

Is Carson Wentz better than Jameis Winston? According to the numbers, the Eagles quarterback is exactly the same.

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg went on an epic rant on Thursday morning where he declared Wentz “the worst quarterback in the NFL.” He wasn’t just throwing out vicious barbs for no reason, instead, he was backing them up with cold hard facts.

The comments were sobering to hear, especially when he concluded that Philly was going to be “an awfully tough place to find any brotherly love” if the Eagles lose to Cincinnati this week. The Eagles are 5-point favorites in Week 3, per DraftKings.

In a nearly two-minute soliloquy, Greenberg states his case with a bevy of evidence and alarming statistics. He also brought Nick Foles into the argument to show how the Eagles won a Super Bowl as a team, not on the back of an injured Wentz.

And they beat Tom Brady to do it. Wentz is 14-15 in his starts since that Super Bowl year and his QBR is 59.9, the exact same QBR as Jameis Winston. Here’s a small taste of the rant:

Through two weeks of this season, who has been the worst quarterback in the NFL? Well, a pretty compelling case could be made that the answer is Carson Wentz. No one has thrown more interceptions. No one has been sacked more times. And no one has made more off-target throws. Since his team was up 17-0 on Washington, the Eagles have scored touchdowns on two of 21 drives.

Right now, his team is winless, the drafted a quarterback in the second round and they booed off the field Sunday in a game with no fans. They get the Bengals this week and what suddenly feels a little bit like a crossroads, if the Eagles end up on the wrong side of this, figure their city to be an awfully tough place to find any brotherly love.

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NFL Media Research Slams Doug Pederson

Meanwhile, NFL Research — the official account tracking stats for the NFL — absolutely eviscerated Doug Pederson on social media.

On Wednesday, the Eagles head coach called out a reporter for asking him about Carson Wentz missing “layups.” The basketball analogy was used to mean easy throws for the quarterback or ones he probably should have completed. Pederson went on to explain that there are no “layups” in the NFL.

Well, NFL Research dug up some stats to show how bad Wentz has been in 2020 and shared them on Twitter. They have since been deleted from social media.

What were those numbers? Wentz has completed 58.8-percent of his passes this season, including 82.2-percent of “easy” throws. But he should have completed 85.9-percent and they even compared those statistics to LeBron James’ field-goal percentage. The conclusion? Wentz has hit most of his “layups” while struggling more on “medium” and difficult” throws.

Taking it a step further, NFL Research poked fun at Pederson’s own completion percentages from his time playing quarterback in the NFL. Pederson only completed 53.4-percent of his passes for his career, with a 57.9 passer rating. Brutal.

“They’re not layups. There isn’t a throw out here that’s a layup,” Pederson told reporters on Wednesday. “Some of it is just timing with young guys. Some of it is just Carson just being not accurate at that particular time. Could be that there is a defensive guy that flashed a hand where he’s got to change his arm angle at the split second. There are all kinds of reasons for accuracy.”

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