Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor: Good Enough for Tiger

Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor

For years, launch monitors were large, expensive pieces of equipment that golfers could only use with the help of a trained professional at a designated facility. While they offered a wealth of valuable performance information, the experience wasn’t exactly a convenient one. But, the wonderful world of golf has changed.

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Times have changed. There are many launch monitors on the market today that are aimed at the consumer market, and the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is among the leaders in that space, thanks to Tiger Woods’ involvement with the product. Whether you are looking to upgrade from an entry-level launch monitor or you are making your first purchase of this type of product, the information below should help you make an informed decision.

What is the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor?

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is a portable launch monitor capable of accurately capturing club and ball data for each swing you make. In a game as difficult as golf, it’s helpful to have as much data as possible at your fingertips when trying to make improvements. Through the use of the KIT Launch Monitor, you will no longer need to guess about your performance on the practice tee – you can view the data in real-time and work on improving your swing.

This portable product is meant to be taken with you to wherever you decide to practice. Just pack up the device, slip it safely into your golf bag, and head out to the range. When you are ready to get to work, set up the launch monitor in the appropriate spot behind where you will be hitting balls, and start practicing. Patented radar technology will track the movement of both the club and the ball to produce reliable numbers in many different categories (more on that below).

When you order this device, you’ll get everything you need to use and manage it properly. In addition to the launch monitor itself, there is also a charging block and cable included, as well as a protective travel case. That case will make it much easier for you to take this monitor with you to various golf facilities without worrying about damaging the valuable technology inside.

What Information Does the KIT Launch Monitor Provide?

When it comes down to it, launch monitors are about data first and foremost. Yes, a good monitor can use its technology to offer other features – as mentioned below – but the basics of this type of device come down to providing the golfer with a range of useful, accurate numbers.

On that point, the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor does not disappoint. The list below highlights some of the many pieces of data that will be provided to you when using this device.

  • Ball speed. One of the easiest pieces of data to understand, ball speed is exactly as it sounds – the speed that the ball is traveling when it leaves the club. Obviously, increasing your ball speed is a good thing for distance, although it is not the only factor in the distance equation. While most players think about the driver first and foremost when looking at ball speed, it can be helpful to monitor this stat with all of your clubs. Specifically, when you are working on a swing change or adjustment, you can watch your ball speed numbers to decide if that change is one you want to stick with.
  • Club speed. This one is closely tied to ball speed, as the faster the club is moving, the faster the ball is likely to be moving when it takes off. As mentioned above, you can use this measurement to see how your swing is working and how any changes are impacting your performance.
  • There is no denying the importance of distance in golf. Off the tee, you probably want to max out how far you can hit your driver, to shorten up the course and give yourself easier approach shots. From the fairway, you don’t necessarily want to maximize distance, but you do want to know how far each club hits the ball, so you can control your approaches properly. The KIT Launch Monitor offers both carry and total distance for any shot you hit, so you’ll be able to build up an in-depth knowledge of how far you can expect the ball to go.
  • Spin rate. Although it tends to get lost in the shuffle for some players, spin rate is an extremely important metric to monitor when using a launch monitor. Keeping the spin rate on your drives in a modest range is helpful for both distance and ball flight purposes while getting a lot of spin on short wedge shots will help you stop the ball quickly. Again here, watching your spin rate change from swing to swing will help you learn how things work and how you can control this variable by adjusting your technique.
  • Launch angle. The angle up away from the ground that the ball travels on when leaving the club is known as the launch angle, and this is yet another piece of data that this launch monitor will report. Countless golfers chase the dream combination of a high launch and low spin with the driver, and you can see how you are doing when using this monitor to evaluate your swings.
  • Face angle. Where is your clubface pointing when you contact the ball? It’s virtually impossible to evaluate this part of your technique live, since the club moves through impact so quickly. The KIT monitor will report on your face angle so you can see if any adjustments to your technique are needed to get the club back into a better position.
  • Swing path. The other piece of the club positioning puzzle is swing path, which is the direction the club is moving when going through the ball. When you combine path and face angle, you’ll get a clear picture of why the ball went where it did, and what you need to change to hit your targets more frequently.

There is even more information to be extracted from a KIT Launch Monitor, but the list above is more than enough to keep any golfer busy. Even the best players in the world have areas that they can sharpen, so the average player is sure to find plenty of opportunities for improvement when they add this piece of technology to their practice routine.

An Exciting Bonus

If all this launch monitor did was travel with you to the driving range to track your performance and provide data that you can use to improve, that alone would be highly valuable to the serious golfer. However, the KIT Launch Monitor takes it a step further by having the capability to transform it into an indoor virtual golf machine. For those days when you can’t get to the range to work on your game, you can set up a net at home and still get your golf fix.

As any golfer knows, simply hitting balls into a net over and over again gets a bit…. boring. Sure, it’s fun to make some swings, and it can be good exercise, but you can’t really tell how you are performing since the ball is only flying a few feet before it slams into the net and drops back to the ground. By injecting some technology into this scenario, you can dramatically upgrade the experience of hitting that very same net.

You won’t need much beyond your launch monitor to make this happen. First, you’ll need a net – of course – so you can stop and collect the balls you are hitting safely. In addition to a net, you will need a mat to hit from, an iPhone or iPad, and a subscription to e6 Connect. Once those pieces are in place, you’ll be all set to virtually play some of the best courses in the world from the comfort of your own garage, basement, or wherever else you may be able to assemble this setup.

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How Do I Use the KIT Launch Monitor?

Using the KIT Launch Monitor is simple and does not require any complicated, complex setup process. First, you’ll need to find a spot where you are going to hit some balls, whether that is at a driving range or at home into a net. With your practice spot picked out, place the KIT Launch Monitor 10 feet behind where the ball will be placed. As long as the device is aimed toward the ball, and it is placed at this distance behind the action, you’ll be ready to capture each swing throughout the session.

On the other side of the ball, it’s important that you have at least 8 – 10 feet of space for the ball to fly. This is necessary so the launch monitor can pick up the behavior of the ball in the moments immediately after contact. Of course, if you are out on the range, that won’t be a problem since the ball is just going to fly off into the distance. When practicing with a net, however, just make sure there is enough room for the ball to fly briefly before it is captured.

Since you won’t have access to a power source while hitting balls on a driving range, you can rely on the impressive battery in the KIT Launch Monitor to last for even your longest sessions. The battery life rating is five hours, so just make sure it’s charged up before you head out and you should be all set.

Look how easy the KIT Launch Monitor is to setup and use:

How to Setup Your Full Swing KIT Launch MonitorFollow our easy setup process to get started on the range using your Full Swing KIT. To Learn More About the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor: fullswinggolf.com/kit-launch-monitor/2022-01-14T16:46:34Z

KIT Launch Monitor Drawback

There are not many notable drawbacks to mention with regard to this high-end, reliable launch monitor. If you are looking for a portable launch monitor that is built to a high standard and uses the latest technology to produce accurate data, you’ll be well-served by the KIT model from Full Swing.


If there is a negative point to highlight it would simply be the cost. This is a high-end launch monitor and as a result, it comes in at a higher price point than some of the other portable models on the market today – coming in at $4999.

With that said, this kind of technology is something where you get what you pay for in terms of both durability and performance. There is no point in using a launch monitor if the data it provides is not accurate, so investing in a product that will live up to your expectations makes a lot of sense. Of course, in the end, you’ll need to determine your budget for this purchase and decide if this product is the right fit.

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is an excellent pick for any golfer who is serious about shooting lower scores. There is no end to the uses for the data that you’ll collect while using this device, and the overall quality of the product allows it to stand out in this crowded market. Also, the capability to play indoor virtual golf with your KIT Launch Monitor means it also delivers an element of entertainment beyond being a tool for game improvement. Good luck with your game!

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