Stetson Bennett’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

stetson bennett family

Getty Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett.

University of Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett IV is the son of Denise Bennett and Stetson Bennett III. The Georgia native is one of five siblings.

Bennett comes from a football family. His father was a walk-on quarterback at Georgia Southern University and his grandfather played QB at the University of South Carolina.

Here’s what you need to know about Stetson Bennett’s family:

1. Stetson Bennett’s Father & His Mother Met at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy & They Now Own Bennett’s Hometown Pharmacy

Stetson Bennett’s mom and dad met while they were both studying at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy, according to the Athens Banner-Herald. They graduated in 1996, according to his father’s LinkedIn profile. The family now owns Bennett’s Hometown Pharmacy, which was founded in 2004, according to the elder Bennett’s LinkedIn.

“Stetson Bennett IV was born in Atlanta when his parents were working as pharmacists for Publix. He started throwing a football in the backyard with his father when he was 3 in Cumming,” the Banner-Herald wrote in 2020. “The family moved to Brantley County when Stetson was in the first grade.”

Bennett’s father started his college career at Georgia Southern University, spending one year as a walk-on quarterback before transferring to UGA to pursue his pharmacy degree, leaving his on-the-field days behind him, according to the Banner-Herald.

2. Stetson Bennett Wrote a Touching Mother’s Day Tribute to His Mom in 2022

In May 2022, Bennett paid tribute to his mom on Mother’s Day in a touching Instagram post. Along with photos of the pair from when Bennett was a kid, he wrote about the weekend they spent together and being tired after traveling.

Bennett wrote, “Currently sitting on our couch in Athens watching the Suns game, wondering if I’m going to bed in the next hour or not. Remeber when we talked about that on the plane? I imagine you don’t. I just complained a lot. But I’ll never forget when I asked about your connecting flight. I knew how tired you were, mainly because of your crankiness last night, so I asked how long you had to wait. I guess I want to know how quick you could get to bed. Sees pointless now, doesn’t it? You just ended up skipping it.”

Bennett wrote that his mother decided to skip the flight to drive to watch his sister’s softball game. “But that isn’t what reminded me of how special you are. See, you taught e how to grind like that, how to ignore what you’re feeling to get done what needs it. So if I had only read what you said, instead of watching you say it, I would have thought that I understood. But I did watch you say it. And instead of a reluctant frown, as if a necessary errand, you had a twinkle in your eye.”

He added, “In high school Coach Stipe used to remind us how easy it is to tell the difference between a guy who practices like he’s got to and one who practices like he gets to. aa, it’s easy to tell here too. You live every day as our mother like you get to, like it is the prodest achievement of your life and if you could only do one thing for the rest of tie, you would choose to be my mom. I love you.”

3. Bennett Has 3 Younger Brothers & a Younger Sister; His Brother Luke Henry Bennett Joined the Bulldogs as a Preferred Walk-On

Stetson Bennett has four siblings, including three younger brothers, Knox, Luke and Maverick, and a younger sister, Olivia, according to Bennett’s Instagram. Luke and Knox Bennett are twins, according to the family’s social media pages.

In 2019, Bennett posted a photo with his brothers and sister on Instagram and wrote, “Dang, y’all are getting old. Slow down the growing up and don’t hit anybody this next year. Congratulations on doing something the whole world does once a year. Love y’all. #16.”

Bennett’s brother, Luke Henry Bennett, is a freshman walk-on wide receiver with the Georgia Bulldogs, according to the school’s website. Like Stetson, he played football at Pierce County High School,.

4. Bennett’s Grandfather, Buddy Bennett, Played at South Carolina From 1958 to 1960 & Was Also a Coach

Stetson Bennett’s grandfather, known as Buddy Bennett, was a quarterback with the South Carolina Gamecocks from 1958 to 1960, according to On3. Bennett said about his grandfather in January 2022, according to On3, ““Growing up, you always looked up to your granddad, at least I know I did – both of them, my mom’s dad and my dad’s dad. “But my dad’s dad, he played football at Stetson University. They quit the program. He hitchhiked to South Carolina [and] was the ACC’s leading rusher.”

Bennett added, “Like I said, people make it such a hoopla about my journey. I didn’t freaking hitchhike anywhere. That’s just what you want to do if you want to play football. And it’s as simple as that. Maybe people aren’t willing to do it anymore. But it never seemed like a big deal to me. And I guess that comes from seeing his example.”

Buddy Bennett died in 2016. According to UGA Rivals, Bennett’s grandfather was also a football coach after his time playing. He coached at East Tennessee State, the University of Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia Tech and finally at Wayne County High School in Georgia, Rivals reported.

Stetson Bennett told On3, “You always want to make him proud and the texts that get me the most after a good game or whatever, saying papa would be proud of you. And you always want to make your family proud and leave the family name in a better spot after you’ve had it. And I know that’s just football. I know there’s a lot more to life than that. But while I’m here I’m going to try to do the best I can for it.”

5. Stetson Bennett’s Name Started With Stetson Bennett Sr., the Moonshiner Son of Sharecroppers, Who Is Known as ‘Papa Bennett’ in Their Family

The Stetson Bennett name dates back to his great-grandfather, Stetson Bennett Sr., known in the family as “Papa Bennett.” He was a farmer and son of sharecroppers, and also was a part-time moonshiner, according to the Dawg Post.

The Dawg Post wrote, “Papa Bennett made moonshine. That was one way he provided for his family. It is a craft that requires a lot of time away from home, and the ability to not be found for long periods of time.” He later became a Baptist preacher, according to the Dawg Post.