Celtics Star’s Sister Has Ugly Words for Warriors After Loss

Steph Curry

Getty/Harry How Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors celebrates in front of the Dallas Mavericks bench after hitting a 3-pointer in Game 2 of the 2022 Western Conference finals at Chase Center.

The Golden State Warriors went into Boston and finished off the series in six games. After being down 2-1 in the Finals, the Dubs strung together three straight wins to win their four championships in eight years.

To go from winning 15 games with the worst record in the league two seasons ago to winning the title two seasons later is impressive even for a Warriors team that has accomplished so much during the latter part of the 2010s.

As impressive as this is, it did not take long for some Warriors haters to pop off against the Dubs. Some Celtics fans were already voicing their displeasure after the elimination.

Al Horford is known to be as calm as most NBA players are now in today’s league. Yet he has siblings that are quite the opposite, at least on social media. His sister, Anna, delivered this backhanded compliment to the Warriors even before the final buzzer sounded off.

The replies to her tweet are inundated with comments that are clowning her, but as a seasoned social media influencer like her, she chose to not even bothering to read them.

She admits that she is being jealous, but using colorful language will cause a stir in this social media-driven era. For years, she has always been vocal about what she thinks from a fan’s perspective so it isn’t too surprising about what she said, but surely, Dub fans will not forget.

Anna Horford Previously Criticized Warriors’ Players in Game 1

The context to her calling the Warriors ‘b**** a**’ can be traced back to Game 2 when she voiced her displeasure for the often-hated Draymond Green.

After Green and Jaylen Brown were involved in a skirmish, Anna tweeted that Green was a dirty player especially when he was being outperformed by opposing players.

Not too long after, she went after Jordan Poole and said he was doing the same as Green, in terms of playing dirty. After Poole’s layup attempt was blocked by Derrick White, Poole fell to the floor. White had to jump over Poole to avoid hurting him, and Poole stuck his hand up. Initially, it looks like Poole was trying to hold White from getting back into gameplay, but after further replays, it’s pretty obvious that Poole was making sure White did not step on him.

In typical fan homerism, Anna said Poole was doing the same in terms of being dirty, just like his teammate, Green.

Warriors Accomplishments After Another Title Run

Regardless of what haters like her think, the Warriors finished the 2022 playoffs with a 16-6 record. They were not the dominant team as they were in the past, but in terms of competitiveness, it was the funniest to watch, not knowing if they would win or not.

Steph Curry finally won his first NBA Finals MVP after his fourth title. Andre Iguodala won the first one back in 2015, while Kevin Durant won the second and third ones in 2017 and 2018. Per Warriors PR, Curry, Klay Thompson, Green, and Andre Iguodala have now won fourth championships each, and are now in an elite class of only 40 players to accomplish such a feat.

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