Warriors Star Openly Discusses Team’s Habits; Kerr Praises Unique Defensive Impact


The Golden State Warriors were able to improve to 18-15 this season as they defeated the Indiana Pacers 111-107 to end their long road trip. Their offensive star, Steph Curry, ended the night with 24 points, 8 assists, and 8 rebounds while shooting 7-21 from the field on only making one three-point shot.

Golden State’s defensive star, Draymond Green, had a great offensive night notching 12 points, 11 assists, and 9 rebounds, one rebound shy of achieving a triple-double. This win was a quality team one of the Warriors but Green’s intentions were already elsewhere once the last buzzer sounded.

Golden State’s next game, Friday, is against the Charlotte Hornets who came back to beat the Warriors after Green’s two technical foul calls. Speaking to “Warriors Postgame Live” Green elaborated on his thoughts on the last game and his excitement for their next one.

“For us to go out there and essentially get that win [without Steph Curry] and for me to cost us the game, was bulls–t,” Green stated to reporter Bonta Hill, NBA Hall of Famer Chris Mullin and former Warrior swingman Dorell Wright via NBC Sports. “I knew I had to come back and play well, and I’m excited for the Charlotte game coming up because we gave them one they shouldn’t have had. gave them one they shouldn’t have had, so gotta go get it back.”

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Green’s Thoughts on Warriors Offense


Green isn’t thought of as a major offensive presence as he only averaging 5.3 points and shooting 35.8% from the field on the year. However, Green is the point forward that helps this team go. Knowing how to find Curry in his spots and creating for others on the team has been a key to helping the Warriors be successful.

Following the game, Green discussed what he’s seen from NBA teams recently and how he’s helping his teammates to avoid those pitfalls and find their flow.

“When you look around the NBA, there’s not much ball movement, and there’s definitely not much player movement off the ball. I’ve just been telling these guys, keep moving, keep cutting, never stay stagnant. The easiest guy to defend is a stagnant player, so I’m just telling these guys to keep moving and they’re doing a great job.”

Can the Warriors’ Defense Improve?


Being able to move without the ball wasn’t the only thing Green discussed with the media. Coming into the season the Warriors were believed to have the pieces to have a top-ranked defense.

While their defensive consistency has fluctuated due to injuries and players becoming comfortable, Green sees the team advancing forward in a way that will help them to find more quality wins down the road.

“I thought we had the potential to become a great defensive team,” Green stated to reporters after the game via ESPN’s Nick Friedell Twitter. “But all potential means is you haven’t proved sh** yet … but this is a step in the right direction, this was a really gutsy win for us. The great teams find a way to win these types of games.”

Kerr Believes Green Should Get Top Tier Consideration

Draymond Green

GettyGolden State Warriors forward Draymond Green and coach Steve Kerr.

One of the Warriors’ primary reasons for being as good as they are defensively is what Green brings to the table. His voice, intelligence, and grit have helped to move the team from being one of the worst defensive ranked teams in the NBA to a top 5 defense.

Seemingly, this has gone unnoticed by some. Golden State’s head coach Steve Kerr doesn’t see it that way and stated why he believes Green should get heavy consideration for all he has done.

“I think he should always get Defensive Player of the Year considerations,” Kerr mentioned to ClutchPoints. “He’s clearly one of the best defenders in the league. I think every coach in the league will tell you when you go into a game, there are certain guys who you know are going to truly impact the game defensively. Gobert is one. Draymond is another. I’m sure there are several others I can think of. There are literally only five or six guys you go into a game thinking, ‘I really have to account for this guy.’ He’s that good defensively. He should be in that conversation every year.”

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