Grizzlies Head Coach Doubles Down Warriors at Fault for Star’s Injury

Taylor Jenkins

Getty/Gregory Shamus Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies talks with head coach Taylor Jenkins against the Detroit Pistons at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

Tensions have been running high since the series between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzles started.

In Game 1, Draymond Green made a hard foul on Brandon Clarke and was assessed a Flagrant-2 and immediately ejected. After the game, Clarke commented that he was not surprised that Green made such a play, considering his reputation.

The following game, Dillion Brooks fouled Gary Payton II hard in what was undoubtedly a dirty play. Payton II ended up breaking his wrist and Brooks was suspended for Game 3. Warriors Steve Kerr was incensed, accusing Brooks of breaking the code. Kerr thought that defensive players behind offensive players should not be fouling so hard.

Game 4 might as well have been another episode of a drama in this feisty series. Ja Morant reaggravated his knee injury and did not finish the game. There were multiple plays throughout the game that could have contributed to Morant’s injury, but the Grizzlies were steadfast in blaming Jordan Poole for grabbing at his knee.

Morant tweeted immediately after the game a clip of Poole grabbing Morant’s knee, and Jenkins said that Poole “yanked” on his knee.

Even though multiple medical experts claimed that Poole could not have been the culprit for Morant’s injury, the Grizzlies coach did not let up.

Taylor Jenkins Continues to Blame Jordan Poole for Injury

Just hours before Game 5 tip-off, the Grizzlies would not back down when a reporter asked if Jenkins wanted to take back his accusations against Poole.

“That’s just what our medical team and what Ja said,” Jenkins told reporters. “That’s when the injury was felt was on that play, so I’m just stating the facts of what our guys have told us in-house.”

Warriors acting head coach Mike Brown had a diplomatic response when asked about Jenkins comments. Brown says that Jenkins was simply “protecting his team,” and felt bad that Poole’s name has been dragged into the drama.

Warriors Legend Believes Jenkins Is Losing Credibility

Chris Mullin was not as receptive as Brown was in regards to Jenkins’ accusations.

The Warriors Hall of Famer understands that standing up for your players is part of the game, but believes that Jenkins has crossed the line. 

“Posturing has gone on forever in the playoffs in the NBA,” Mullin says on NBC Sports Bay Area. “The problem is it is usually generalized when you say there’s a free-throw discrepancy or too physical on one of my players. But when you point out a specific play and you can go to video and that video is the exact opposite…you lose credibility.”

As many Dubs fans can relate to, Mullin takes offense to how Jenkins is not walking back his claims, especially when he was accusing opposing players, which could damage their reputation. Mullins thinks Jenkins could have earned that respect back if he apologized or simply did not repeat something that was so controversial.

“Accountability,” Mullin continues. “You’ve got to hold yourself accountable. You should have been apologizing in my opinion because you came on the podium and accused somebody about an injury that he didn’t do. So that’s my whole take on it. Get your facts right before you speak on anything.”


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