Steph Curry’s Family & Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steph Curry's parents and wife

Getty Steph Curry's father Dell Curry, his mother Sonya and his wife Ayesha

Steph Curry is a star for the Golden State Warriors on the court but off the court, he’s a dedicated family man. The NBA great grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his parents and two siblings, a brother and a sister. He is now married to Ayesha Curry and they have three kids together.

Here’s what you need to know about Steph Curry’s family:

1. Steph Curry’s Parents, NBA Star Dell Curry & Educator Sonya Curry, Were Both Very Influential Figures

Curry is the first-born child of Dell Curry, an NBA star-turned-analyst, and Sonya Curry, an educator. Curry’s father was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and grew up in the small town of Grottoes. Dell Curry, 58, was a talented basketball player who started playing for Fort Defiance High School. He then played for four years at Virginia Tech, where he met Curry’s mother, Sonya Curry.

Sonya Curry was raised in Radford, Virginia, and she was also an athlete, playing volleyball for Virginia Tech. After his college career, Dell Curry was drafted by the Utah Jazz in the 1986 NBA Draft, but he only played one season there before getting traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After one season in Cleveland, Dell Curry was picked by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1988 NBA expansion draft, becoming the first player chosen by the Hornets. Charlotte would go on to become his home city, as he played 10 seasons with the team and returned to live there with his family after retiring from the NBA in 2002. For the past several years, Curry’s father has been working as a color commentator for the Hornets.

Sonya Curry is a driven woman who’s accomplished a lot so far in her life and pushed her children to succeed as well. The NBA star’s mother is an educator who founded a Montessori school in North Carolina. The Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman promotes the teaching method of putting a focus on children becoming independent, self-confident and responsible.

In May 2022, the Curry matriarch released a memoir about her life titled “Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose.” The book outlines her life, from her upbringing in Radford, Virginia, to becoming a mother and raising three children.

The NBA world was shocked when Dell and Sonya Curry announced in August 2021 that they were divorcing after a 33-year marriage. In a statement to People, they said they’d undergone a trial separation and had decided to make it permanent. Curry opened up about his parents’ divorce, describing it to the Charlotte Observer as “difficult” but understanding that they are two individuals that need to pursue their own happiness.

2. Steph Curry’s Brother Is Seth Curry, an NBA Player Who Is Currently With the Brooklyn Nets

Curry has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. His brother Seth Curry, the middle child, followed in the family’s footsteps and also pursued a basketball career. Seth Curry was born on August 23, 1990, and often tagged along with his older brother to their father’s NBA games with the Charlotte Hornets.

Dell Curry told Reuters that he taught his sons the fundamentals of the game but that they needed to find their own dedication and motivation to succeed at the sport. Seth Curry, like his older brother, played in high school and college, first attending Liberty University for one year before transferring to Duke.

After several seasons playing with various teams in and out of the NBA, Seth Curry is now with the Brooklyn Nets after getting traded from the Philadelphia 76ers in February 2022.

Seth Curry is married to Callie Rivers, a former pro volleyball player who is also the sister of Austin Rivers of the Minnesota Timberwolves and the daughter of Doc Rivers. The couple has two children, a daughter and a son.

3. Steph Curry’s Sister Is Sydel Curry, a Mental Health Advocate Who Is Married to an NBA Player

Curry’s youngest sibling is his sister Sydel Curry, who was born on October 20, 1994. Like her brothers, Sydel Curry grew up very athletic and pursued volleyball in high school and college. However, Curry opened up that their parents were very strict in making sure their children prioritized their education over athletics.

He shared that they all had their chores and if they didn’t do them, they weren’t allowed to play in the next game or go see their father’s NBA games, he told SF Gate. While Steph and Seth Curry played basketball, Sydel Curry fell in love with volleyball and attended Elon University where she became a star player.

However, she’s also been open about the struggles she experienced growing up with a famous last name and a brother already well-known in the NBA by the time she attended university. She opened up in a Togethxr interview that she heard people saying she didn’t deserve to be where she was and only got there because of her name. She also said that she didn’t like being referred to as “Steph Curry’s sister.”

Since then, she’s shared that she’s grown a lot and now feels confident in her own identity. The youngest Curry graduated with a psychology degree and works as a mental health advocate. She’s married to an NBA player, Damion Lee of the Phoenix Suns, and the couple has a son together.

4. Steph Curry Has Been Married to Ayesha Curry for Over a Decade & They Have 3 Children Together

Curry is married to Ayesha Alexander Curry, who grew up in Toronto, Canada, with her four siblings and her parents, John and Carol Alexander. The family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, when she was 14 years old.

In fact, her Toronto roots were key in connecting her to Curry, who lived for a few years in the Canadian city when his father played for the Toronto Raptors. Curry and his future wife met at their church youth group in Charlotte when he was 15 years old and she was 14 and the two bonded over the city and their love of Fuzzy Peach, a Canadian candy, Mercury News reported. After Ayesha Curry would visit her family in Canada, she’d return with the candy for Curry.

“Our parents used to make jokes about how cute we were together, but we didn’t know,” the future NBA star told Kristin Vining Photography. Things didn’t go any further, however, and Ayesha Curry eventually left for Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. They reconnected when Curry was in town and contacted her on social media. The two began dating soon after that and have been together since.

They got married in a lavish ceremony in Charlotte, North Carolina, on July 30, 2011, and celebrated their 11-year wedding anniversary a few months ago. A year after tying the knot, the Currys began growing their family, first with their daughter Riley Elizabeth Curry, who was born on July 19, 2012. Their second child, a daughter named Ryan Carson Curry, was born on July 10, 2015. Their third baby, a son named Canon W. Jack Curry, was born on July 2, 2018.

5. Steph Curry Spoke About the Joys of Parenthood While His Mother Said It Was Amazing Seeing Him Become a Father

Although Curry is a major threat on the basketball court, he’s shared that his biggest joy in life is his family and has gushed about being a father. Being a father has given him “perspective” every single day and he’s always learning something new, he told Popsugar. “They give you a reason to wake up in the morning, regardless of whether work is going well or not,” he shared.

“Your biggest responsibility, obviously, is being a parent, and it’s just so much fun every single day when they change so fast and you’re trying to keep up,” he continued. “You get to share so many experiences with them and I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

Curry’s mother said it was a “joy” watching her son “become a man” after the birth of his first child, and she told the NBA for a special Father’s Day feature that having kids “keeps him grounded at home.” She said when Curry comes home, he can just be himself and “the pressures of the world and his career can go away.”