Warriors’ Curry Ready for Opponents to Mock His Signature Celebration

Stephen Curry Warriors

Getty Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry celebrates with his Finals MVP trophy.

Steph Curry knows that it’s only a matter of time before opponents start to use his signature celebration against him, and the Golden State Warriors star is ready for it.

Curry debuted the “Night Night: celebration during last season’s title run, folding his hands and placing his head down in a sleeping motion to show opponents that he had put them to bed. It first came out in a win over the Denver Nuggets in the opening round of the NBA Playoffs, and Curry then used it several more times over the course of the subsequent rounds and in the NBA Finals.

The celebration then became a worldwide hit, with players across all sports adopting it as a way to put opponents to sleep. As the Warriors open their title defense, Curry said he’s ready to see opponents start using it against him.

Curry Dares Opponent to Bust Out the Celebration

After a season-opening win over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Warriors lost their first game of the season as a late comeback attempt against the Denver Nuggets fell short on Friday. After the 128-123 loss, Curry was asked how he would react if an opponent decided to do the “Night Night” celebration while beating the Warriors.

Curry said it would only be fair.

“We’ll see if anybody’s bold enough to do it, but it’s all fair game,” Curry said. “I think [Chris Paul] shimmied on me back in the day, so if you give it out you got to be able to take it back.”

Curry Explained Celebration’s Origin

While the celebration became a huge hit and a lasting image of last season’s title run for the Warriors, Curry explained that it came out without much planning. Speaking to Nick DePaula of Boardroom back in August, Curry said he got caught up in the moment during a game against the Nuggets and just decided to do it.

The first time I did it was Game 3, in Denver. It happened quick, and it was one of those situations where you were back in the playoff vibe. We had missed it for two years. I was just feeling amped being back on that stage. I was coming off the bench, so I was even more hyped up, with even more energy coming off of the injury and all that.

Curry added that he could sense a defining moment in the series coming, knowing that a win in that game would give the Warriors a commanding series lead. When he hit a dagger three-pointer late in that game, Curry invented the motion.

“When we got to the fourth quarter, I don’t even know where it came from. It was literally no thought. It was kind of a back-and-forth game, and we were on the road,” Curry said. “I knew if we could win Game 3 and go to 3-0, it was pretty much a wrap on the series. It was just a matter of whether [the series would be won] in Game 4 or a ‘gentleman’s sweep’ in Game 5.”

There was a lot more intentionality in the subsequent times Curry did the celebration, including after hitting a late three-pointer in the deciding Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

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