Warriors’ Steph Curry Compares Himself to Star NFL QB


Although Golden State Warriors’ star guard Steph Curry is one of the greats of a completely different sport, he is indeed a huge football fan. Across different sports, great athletes can acknowledge and respect stars although they may not be in the same sport as them. In a recent interview, this Golden State All-Star revealed that his favorite NFL player to watch is no other than the Kansas City Chiefs’ star QB Patrick Mahomes.

Curry Sees A Lot of Himself in Mahomes


In an episode of the “Huddle and Flow” podcast on Monday, when asked who his favorite NFL player was, Curry responded by saying “Mahomes, for sure,” also noting that he sees a lot of the 2018 NFL MVP in himself.

“See a lot of myself in him, obviously there’s been a lot of comparisons,” Curry said as his reason. “Just that creativity, you can’t blink or you’ll miss something special. I just love his confidence, when he knows that at any point he can do something special.”

Yes, there are a lot of similarities between the two very talented players. Although Curry is quite older than the 25-year-old Mahomes and has more experience, they have both accomplished a lot, and are still both playing like All-Stars.

When Curry watches Mahomes play, he describes that he sees a great player in the making.

“He’s always got options,” Curry said about Mahomes and Kansas City. “He’s got a way to make a play, using his feet or his arm, sidearm pass or whatever it is. He’s surrounded by some weapons and he knows how to use them. That guy, he’s special. He’s a generational talent, obviously. So, love watching him.”

The two have been compared to each other over the years that both of them have been professional athletes. Both are considered stars in their respective sports. Mahomes is a three-time Pro Bowler, 2018 NFL MVP, and 2019 Super Bowl champion. Curry on the other hand is a six-time NBA All-Star, back-to-back NBA MVP, and a three-time NBA champion.

Curry and Mahomes are both highly skilled with the ball in their hands. Curry is an elite sharpshooter while Mahomes can launch a long pass easily. Curry has made numerous shots from nearly half-court while even in the most recent Super Bowl, Mahomes managed to execute some of the most mind-blowing incompletions ever seen while running for his life in Kansas City’s Super Bowl LV loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Curry as a Panthers Fan


In this same interview, Curry discussed being a fan of the Carolina Panthers although he is a part of the Bay Area community. When asked was he a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, he responded by saying “I just can’t do it.”

“Growing up, going to Bank of America Stadium and watching Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad, Tim Biakabutuka. I can go down the list of all my favorite Panthers, Sam Mills, Thomas Davis. “I can’t let that go. I can’t be a two-team type of guy. I’ll root for them, I’ll go to a game, I’ll be Bay Area proud when they win, but when the Panthers come out to the Bay, you know what side of the stadium I’m going to be on.”

Curry grew up in North Carolina which is how he most likely became a Panthers fan. A few years ago there were even rumors that Curry, amongst others, was bidding in order to acquire ownership of the Panthers.

Although Curry’s fanship resides with the Panthers, it is not shocking that his favorite player is Mahomes. Both Curry and Mahomes indeed are two of the most entertaining athletes to witness in all sports. Few athletes play to the caliber of both of these greats and it’s obvious that they both have a lot in common regarding their talent and drive.

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