Jon Rahm’s Family & Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jon Rahm and his wife and kids

Getty Jon Rahm and his wife and kids

Jon Rahm has a very supportive family in the U.S. and Spain, and the pro golfer has often spoken about his wife, children and parents. Rahm was born in Barrika, Basque country, Spain, to Edorta and Angela Rahm, and he grew up with an older brother named Eriz. Rahm currently lives with his wife and two sons in Arizona.

Here’s what you need to know about Jon Rahm’s family and children:

1. Jon Rahm’s Parents Are Edorta and Angela Rahm & They Were Very Active People Who Introduced Rahm to Golf

Rahm was born and raised in Barrika, a tiny village of 1,500 people known for fishing just outside Bilbao, Spain, according to Today’s Golfer.

His father was Edorta Rahm, a businessman in the gasoline industry, and Ángela Rodríguez, who worked at a local clinic as a midwife, Spanish newspaper El País reported. Rahm and his older brother Eriz were raised in a loving and supportive household, although the family was not very rich.

In fact, one of Rahm’s teammates in college recalled visiting Rahm’s childhood home and said the two boys shared a tiny bedroom with a bunk bed. Despite that, he praised the Rahm family’s hospitality, telling Golf that they treated him “like a king.”

Rahm’s father loved sports, especially high-adrenaline ones, like free rock climbing, skiing and parasailing, Rahm told Today’s Golfer. He said his parents both hiked up Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps on the border of France and Italy, and then skied back down it.

There weren’t a lot of golfers in Rahm’s village of Barrika, but one day, Rahm’s parents and some of their friends decided to try the sport. They’d attended the 1997 Ryder Cup at Valderrama and Rahm said his parents’ friends convinced them to try it. The pro golfer credited his father for giving him “the feeling that if you push past your fear, anything is possible,” he told Golf.

2. Jon Rahm Has an Older Brother Named Eriz Rahm Who Is a Golf Instructor for Children

Rahm has a brother, Eriz Rahm, who is six years older than him. According to a 2020 article from El País, the elder Rahm son works as a set designer at the Palacio Euskalduna, a theater in Bilbao.

Eriz Rahm learned to play golf when his younger brother did and said when they were younger they spent two weeks in a golf camp in Mallorca, where he looked after Rahm. However, Eriz Rahm told El País he hardly needed to supervise his little brother as he was managing fine on his own. Since then, Rahm’s older brother has obtained his golf instructor license and started teaching the sport.

He is a golf teacher for young kids at Larrabea golf course, where Rahm spent so long playing as a child. According to his profile on Larrabea’s website dated 2021, he’s been a golf teacher since 2006 and a youth soccer coach for 12 years. Eriz Rahm shared in an interview that the golf course has become a lot more popular since Rahm started winning titles in the U.S.

Eriz Rahm became a father in 2020, El País reported, welcoming a baby girl named Sare. At the time, Rahm wasn’t able to meet his niece in person because of the pandemic but saw her through a video call. According to the publication, Rahm said his niece has brought him luck.

Rahm praised his older brother in an interview with Golf, describing him as “the happiest person I know, always smiling.” He said, “I have tried to model that. And he’s always cheering me on, even to this day. I go to sleep and he is texting me; I wake up and he is texting me.”

3. Jon Rahm Is Married to Kelley Cahill, Who He Met at Arizona State University

Rahm is married to Kelley Cahill, an athlete he met while they were both freshmen at Arizona State University. Cahill was born near Portland, Oregon, and grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona.

She played a lot of sports growing up, especially tennis, and was a track and field athlete in the javelin at university. The future couple met at a Halloween party and began dating after that, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Cahill studied biology and global health in school and Rahm credited his now-wife with helping him adopt a healthier diet.

The couple is very competitive and Rahm has posted many videos of the two working out together and being active on their travels. In fact, Cahill told the Union-Tribune that they played tennis together only once but that she was annoyed about it for days as Rahm played a lot better than the tennis star said she expected.

Rahm and Cahill moved in together after college and got engaged in 2018. They tied the knot the following year, in December 2019, in a small ceremony at the Basilica de Begoña in Bilbao, Spain.

Rahm told Golf Digest that the couple wanted to do a bigger ceremony afterward in San Diego since many people couldn’t make it to Spain for the wedding. “The one in Spain was small,” Rahm told the publication. “It was just under 70 people. It was mainly family, to be honest. Mainly my family obviously. . . . It’s going to be maybe twice the size over here.”

4. Jon Rahm & Kelley Cahill Have 2 Sons Together & Rahm Has Said That His Kids Are His Main Priority

Rahm and Cahill are the parents of two boys, born in 2021 and 2022. Rahm posted that they were expecting their first child in November 2020, writing on Instagram, “Feeling extra grateful this year, Happy Thanksgiving from us and our growing family!” Their son, Kepa Cahill Rahm, was born on April 3, 2021, just after midnight. Rahm wrote that Cahill and their son were both doing great and he said it was “Without a doubt the greatest day of my life!”

On February 23, 2022, Rahm posted a photo of his family on social media with Cahill holding an ultrasound for their second pregnancy. “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife. Grateful for an amazing year, looking forward to adding baby boy this summer! #Rahmbino #number2,” the golfer wrote.

The couple’s second son, Eneko Cahill Rahm, was born on August 5, 2022. A few days after his birth, Rahm wrote on social media that he was so grateful for his family. “Kelley, Eneko and big brother Kepa are all doing great,” he posted. “We have had an amazing last few days soaking in these amazing moments as a family of four.”

Rahm is a proud and doting father to his two boys and had a heartwarming interview with ESPN in April 2022. As Rahm was responding to the interviewer’s questions, he held his son Kepa in his arms and his boy kept trying to grab the microphone.

In February 2023, Rahm said his youngest was still too young to be very active but Kepa was very curious and happy and Rahm was enjoying every minute of playing with him. “I get home, Kepa sees me, and all he cares about is dad and playing,” Rahm said, adding that he just spends every possible minute with his boys and it makes him forget all about his wins and losses on the golf course.

5. Jon Rahm Shared a Very Moving Message to His Father on Father’s Day

Rahm opened up about his father in a touching Father’s Day video from the PGA Tour. “The role my father played in my career, my golf career, it’s pretty much everything,” Rahm said. “He was the one who introduced me to golf.”

“When I didn’t have lessons with my golf instructor, he was the one teaching me everything he knew, teaching me about strategies, short game, putting,” Rahm continued. “Mostly putting, my dad’s an extremely good putter.” The golfer also revealed that they “bumped heads” a lot on the golf course because he was a “bratty kid” and didn’t like losing.

Rahm said he’s extremely grateful for his father and that he hoped to be even half the father his dad was to his own kids someday. “He really did put everything out there both for me and my brother to be able to succeed at everything we wanted,” Rahm shared.

“It’s hard to put into words how much you mean to me,” Rahm continued. “You’ve been the best guidance I could have ever hoped growing up. Because of how you raised me I am the golfer I am today and I’ve been able to have the life I have… It’s an honor to say you are my dad.”