Aaron Rodgers Rumors: New Team Emerges In Trade Sweepstakes

Getty A new team could swipe Aaron Rodgers from the New York Jets and offer a larger package to the Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay Packers have patiently been waiting for the New York Jets to offer appropriate compensation in an Aaron Rodgers trade, and now a legitimate Super Bowl contender is reportedly interesting in swooping in for the four-time MVP.

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst entered into trade discussions with the Jets a week before the start of NFL free agency. However, despite weeks going by, the two sides have yet to agree to a deal, with the two sides rumored to be in a standoff.

Now, the Packers might have gotten even more leverage against the Jets in a pending move. According to Craig Carton with FS1, the 49ers are looking to make a move for Rodgers if a trade with the Jets falls through.

“The conversation has been multiple third-round picks in this draft, and a first-round draft pick in next year’s draft,” Carton said. “If this happens, the New York Jets no longer exist as a franchise.”

Interest from the 49ers could completely change the trade landscape for Rodgers. Having grown up in the area as a 49ers fan, the 39-year-old quarterback could be persuaded to play for his childhood team, especially considering the amount of talent on the roster. However, it’s unclear if the Packers would be willing to send Rodgers to an NFC team.

Latest On a Rodgers-Jets Trade

While the 49ers could be legitimately emerging as a landing spot for Rodgers, plenty of updates have still come out between the Packers and Jets.

Gutekunst shed a bit more light on the ongoing trade negotiations with New York during NFL owner meetings in Phoenix. While speaking with reporters, Gutekunst mentioned that the Packers had been unable to reach Rodgers this offseason, and the Packers GM didn’t rule out the quarterback’s return, he admitted it was unlikely.

Meanwhile, Gutekunst also shared with reporters that he didn’t think a first-round pick would be necessary to get a deal done with the Jets. While he didn’t provide a timeline for when a deal would get done, the Packers general manager was hopeful that it would happen soon.

Peter King with NBC Sports provided some additional information on the trade talks, suggesting that Day 2 of this year’s draft on April 28 would be the deadline for a deal to get done. King also mentioned that previous trade deals involving Brett Favre and Joe Montana had been tossed around as appropriate compensation for Rodgers.

With 49ers rumors surfacing, a deal with the Jets could get sped up. If not, then the Packers could bail on the trade agreement to maximize their compensation elsewhere.

Do The 49ers Need a Quarterback?

Despite having multiple recognizable names at quarterback, the 49ers still have a pretty big need for a proven starting QB.

Brock Purdy took the league by storm last season, going 5-0 as a starter in the regular season with 13 touchdowns, four interceptions, and a 107.3 passer rating. However, an elbow injury he suffered in the playoffs could keep him out of the start of 2023 with an uncertain timetable for his return.

Meanwhile, the 49ers have another unproven young QB in Trey Lance. After earning the starting job in 2022, Lance fractured his ankle and has required multiple surgeries while recovering from the injury.

The 49ers brought in a veteran in Sam Darnold to provide some competition at the position, but the former top draft pick has struggled at the NFL level, going 21-34 as a starter with a career passer rating of 78.2.

With no sure things at quarterback, the 49ers could try to go all in for at least one season of Rodgers to finally get over the hump and win a Super Bowl in the Kyle Shanahan era.

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