Chiefs WR Issues Stern Warning to Media Ahead of Super Bowl LVII

Getty Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling.


hen Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling took to the podium for his postgame press conference following the AFC Championship, he issued a warning to the media inside the conference room.

“If you say my name wrong, I’m not answering your question,” MVS said. “Just a heads up.”

Valdes-Scantling is aware that during Kansas City’s playoff run he might encounter media members that he wouldn’t typically cross paths with and/or might not know how to pronounce his name correctly. So let us do our part to help anyone that might read this and doesn’t know:

Valdes-Scantling’s first name is pronounced Mar-Quez, not Mar-Kez.

MVS then took to Twitter to address the situation furthermore.

“This also continues for the entire Super Bowl week and any interview after,” MVS wrote in reference to his opening statement during his AFC Championship press conference.

MVS Roasts Eli Apple Postgame

Valdes-Scantling was the leading receiver for Kansas City in the 23-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. He caught 6 passes on 8 targets for 116 yards and 1 touchdown. One of the cornerbacks that he matched up with quite often during the AFC Championship was Cincinnati’s Eli Apple, who has had his fair share of trash talk toward the Chiefs in the past.

During the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship on the controversial third-down replay that was awarded to Kansas City’s offense due to a clock error by the officials, quarterback Patrick Mahomes was sacked, which seemingly put an end to the Chiefs’ drive and gave the ball back to the Bengals in a 20-20 ball game.

However, Apple was penalized for holding during the play, and the player that drew the penalty was MVS.

After the game, MVS was asked about the key penalty in the fourth quarter and immediately took a shot at Apple.

“Yeah, you know, I was just whooping him all game,” MVS told Mitch Holthus, the official voice of the Chiefs. “That was just another play where he couldn’t cover me well enough, and we got the flag and moved [the ball] up.”

Twitter Reacts to Valdes-Scantling’s Warning

Twitter users reacted to Valdes-Scantling’s warning to the media.

“Which is why I usually just refer to you by your initials because I say it wrong almost every time,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Would’ve been funnier if you just ignored them without the disclaimer and they just wait for an answer from a Markez,” another user wrote.

“Cause you guys are going to get the natural opening media day it’s bound to happen,” another user wrote. “Some dude from a local Utah new station is going to do no research and probably pronounce it that way.”

“I get it that you want people to pronounce your name right, but the attitude about it is too much for me. Relax and show some humility,” another user wrote.

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“I get it. ALL players’ names should be pronounced correctly. I’ve heard Danna (Dana) Karlaftis (Karloftis), Chenal (Chanel), etc. differently from broadcasters and journalists all season,” another user wrote. “What can we do to get it right?”

“Good for you. It’s not hard to take the time to ensure you are saying someone’s name correctly when addressing them,” another user wrote.

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