Raiders’ Davante Adams Brutally Trolls Broncos Fans

davante adams

Getty Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Early in the season, Davante Adams had a few duds of games. Through his first seven games as a Las Vegas Raider, he had three games where he didn’t even break 40 receiving yards. He’s been on an absolute tear through the last three games.

The Denver Broncos and cornerback Patrick Surtain were supposed to finally slow him down but that wasn’t the case. He torched one of the NFL’s top defenses for seven catches, 141 yards and two touchdowns. Adams spoke this offseason about how he grew up a big fan of the Raiders and how excited he is to play for his favorite team. Every Raider fan despises the Broncos.

Adams had his first road win against an AFC West rival on Sunday and he enjoyed every second of it. After he caught the game-winning touchdown pass, he waved goodbye to the Denver crowd. The trolling didn’t stop there. Adams took to Instagram to post a picture of a Broncos fan looking completely devastated following his game-winner.

Denver is a hostile environment for the Raiders so it had to feel good for Adams to send them home with a loss.

Josh McDaniels Praises Adams

The Raiders have been desperate for an elite wide receiver since Tim Brown retired. They’ve used high draft picks and spent big money to try to find one but have failed consistently. Adams is the wide receiver the team has needed and is proving that he’s elite without Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball.

Head coach Josh McDaniels has been wildly impressed with Adams.

“I’ve mentioned a few other guys that I’ve coached that are pretty good, and he’s a unique player,” McDaniels said Monday. “[H]e can think, process, understand the way he’s being covered, the way people are playing him, leverage, route technique, setting up his routes, doing a lot of different things that allow him to get open and be special. I think sometimes when young players come into the league, they think it’s all skill and talent. And that’s part of the equation, there’s no question.

“But I think the other part that he’s really mastered is his ability to set people up. He’s got great savvy and instincts, great awareness. Like the last play, I mean, that doesn’t happen if he doesn’t set it up the right way and really get the corner leaning to go across the field, but he understands that. He’s a special player. He really is.”

McDaniels then explained another aspect of Adams that makes him great.

“He can play the game within the game, which really just takes you to a whole new level,” McDaniels added.

Adams Fighting Through Injury

What’s even more impressive about Adams’ game against the Broncos is that he wasn’t fully healthy. He was limited in practice all week with an abdomen issue and he re-aggravated it in the game. He didn’t want to make a big deal of it.

“It don’t matter,” Adams said of playing through injury on Sunday. “Nobody cares. You don’t get an award for fighting through stuff. Everybody’s doing that. I mean, I wasn’t feeling the best, but good enough to go out there and play.”

The Raiders need Adams to stay healthy this season will get even worst for the team.

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