Richard Sherman Makes Strong Statement About Davante Adams

davante adams

Getty Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams.

After Davante Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason, there was speculation that his production would fall off now that he’s not playing with Aaron Rodgers. That hasn’t been the case whatsoever as he’s proving once again to be among the NFL’s best wide receivers. His 1,176 receiving yards on the season are currently fourth in the league and his 12 touchdowns catches are tied for the top spot.

Adams gets an extraordinary about of attention from opposing defenses every week but is still managing to get open. There has been debate about whether or not he is the best wide receiver in the NFL. Players like Justin Jefferson, Tyreek Hill and Stefon Diggs have certainly made it a difficult debate. However, five-time Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman believes the debate has already been settled.

During the Week 13 matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers, Adams made cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. look silly on a route that caused him to hit the grass. Sherman posted the clip and said that it was an example of why Adams is the best cornerback in the league and every cornerback who faces him agrees.

Davante Adams Torched Chargers Secondary

Prior to the Chargers-Raiders matchup, wide receiver Keenan Allen said he was going to turn the Raiders’ secondary into “BBQ chicken.” If anybody can talk about BBQ chicken after the Chargers game, it’s Adams. He torched the team for eight catches, 177 yards and two touchdowns. Adams had some up-and-down games early in the season but he’s on a tear right now. He’s gotten over 120 receiving yards in four of the last five games. Adams revealed that stats are an important factor for him but it’s because he knows that the team has a better chance of winning when he has a big game.

“Stats mean a lot to me in the sense that it means that I’m holding up my end of the bargain and I’m doing what I got to do,” Adams said Sunday. “The efficiency part is a big part of it, too, so we got to make sure we’re being as efficient as possible and let the stats and all of that take care of itself down the road. Ultimately, I want to get the ball so I can put the team in a position to win games.”

Though the season hasn’t gone according to plan, the Raiders have to be feeling good about their decision to trade for Adams.

Derek Carr Talks Developing Relationship With Adams

Due to their time as teammates in college, there was a lot of hype about what Derek Carr and Adams would do this year. There were good and bad games early on but the two are clearly in sync now. It was presumptuous to believe that the two would pick up where they left off immediately and Carr knew that. He explained why the two are finally starting to make a lot of plays.

“A lot of hard work,” Carr said Sunday. “We knew it would be a growing process. We hadn’t played with each other in almost a decade. And even though we trained together, we were both training for different things. So, working this offseason and working this season, the best training is in the games. … He made some unbelievable plays today.”

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