Josh Jacobs & Nate Hobbs Take Shots at Chargers Star: ‘That’s All I Gotta Say’

josh jacobs

Getty Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs.

The Las Vegas Raiders never need extra motivation to play the Los Angeles Chargers but they got it this week. Wide receiver Keenan Allen thought he was going to turn the team’s secondary into “barbecue chicken” this week due to the fact that they play a lot of man coverage. That wasn’t the case as the Raiders won 27-20 and Allen only had six catches in the game.

Players for the Raiders were made aware of the wide receiver’s comments and the phrase “BBQ chicken” gained popularity after the game. Running back Josh Jacobs was dealing with a calf injury but said it was never a question that he was going to play and suggested that Allen’s comment had something to do with that. The Chargers star’s comments were directed towards the Raiders’ secondary so Nate Hobbs had a chance to respond to them.

“Barbecue chicken, that’s all I gotta say,” Hobbs said after the game.

Allen didn’t have any reason to give the Raiders bulletin board material and is likely regretting his decision as “BBQ Chicken” trended on Twitter after the game. It’s something that could follow Allen heading into future matchups against the Raiders. He’ll be hearing a lot about BBQ chicken going forward.

Chargers Now Falling out of Playoff Race

Heading into the season, the Chargers were one of the most hyped teams in the NFL. Many thought they had the best overall roster in the league. While there’s no questioning the talent the team has accumulated, the J.C. Jackson addition was overvalued and the team has been ravaged by injuries. The Chargers now have an uphill battle if they hope to make the playoffs with a record of 6-6. Star safety Derwin James seems to believe that the team is still in the mix.

“We gotta keep playing,” James said, via the Los Angeles Times. “There’s more games to be played. Primetime next week. We gotta come out [with a] sense of urgency. Each game from here on out, we can’t lose anymore. We gotta win out.”

Raiders Still in the Mix

The Raiders have a worse record than the Chargers at 5-7 but they have much better momentum. Plus, they are close to getting two of their best players back in Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow. Things are looking up for Las Vegas while they are looking down for Los Angeles. The Chargers have an easier path to playoffs as they can still get to 11 wins but the Raiders have to be feeling better about their chances.

If they hope to make the playoffs, they likely need to win the rest of their games. The next three games against the Rams, Patriots and Steelers are all winnable. The last two games against the 49ers and Chiefs will be tough but there’s reason to believe the Raiders can win those games. Jimmy Garoppolo is out for the season with an injury and it’s possible that the Chiefs clinch their playoff seed by Week 18 and sit their starters. There’s a lot that needs to happen in the coming weeks but the Raiders are still alive for now.

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