Bradley Beal Sends Strong Message to Lakers’ Alex Caruso

bradley beal

Getty Bradley Beal guarded by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

There might not be a bigger success story in the NBA right now than Alex Caruso. He went from going undrafted in 2016 to starting in the NBA Finals for the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only has he defied the odds, but he also continues to get better.

A big reason he’s had success is the fact that he understands his role and works hard.

“A big reason guys get stuck in the G-League is because they don’t realize the position they’re trying out for,” Caruso recently said on JJ Reddick’s podcast. “It’s like going to a job interview thinking you’re going to be the CFO of the company, and they’re looking for someone to clean the bathrooms.”

Those comments from Caruso went viral and sparked a reaction from Washington Wizards superstar Bradley Beal.

bradley beal

Lakers DailyPhoto from Bradley Beal’s Instagram story.

Beal and Caruso have had very different paths to the NBA. The former was the number three overall pick in the draft while the latter had to work his way through the G League. However, Beal clearly respects what Caruso has done.

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Beal Has Been Mentioned in Trade Rumors

It’s notable that Beal would send a message to Caruso because it’s no secret that the Lakers wouldn’t mind having him on the team. Beal is one of the best players in the league but is stuck on a bad team. Despite that fact, he’s made no indication that he wants to leave.

There are very few teams in the NBA that wouldn’t love to have him. He’s the type of guy that could help elevate a really good team to a championship team. He’s a very valuable trade piece for a Wizards team that should probably start thinking about a rebuild. That said, Beal has remained loyal and believes he can win in Washington. Since he’s not trying to force his way out, it puts the Wizards in a weird position.

They could trade him for a big haul and accept they have to start a rebuild. They could also decide to stick with him and try to quickly build a winner. While Beal is saying all the right things now, that could change after another season that doesn’t end in a playoff berth.

Could Caruso & Beal Be Teammates Soon?

Beal would be an absolutely perfect fit for the Lakers. Not only does he fit the need for an elite shooter, but he’d also give the team a young star to pair with Anthony Davis for years to come. The two men are both 27 and were drafted in the same draft.

With all that said, it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. Unless the Wizards are really high on Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers don’t have a lot to offer Washington that would help in a rebuild. The only hope Los Angeles would have is that Beal requests a trade and specifically names the Lakers as the team he wants to play. That doesn’t really seem like his style. Unless he can somehow get to free agency, joining Davis and LeBron James seems unlikely.

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