Trae Young Claps Back After Ridicule Over Viral Outburst from Lakers’ LeBron James

LeBron James, Dennis Schroder, Los Angeles Lakers

Getty LeBron James, Dennis Schroder, Los Angeles Lakers

On Saturday, January 29, LeBron James went viral for his reaction to a no-call in the dying seconds of regulation between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. 

As the world adjusted to the tantrum they had just seen from one of the greatest basketball players ever, former Memphis Grizzlies star Chandler Parsons shared his disbelief.

“I can watch my French Bulldog get ran over by the Mailman right now, and I would not react like that,” Parsons said.

However, it would seem that Parson’s comments didn’t sit well with Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young, who has a confrontational history with the former NBA star, as he responded to Parson’s by saying ‘Dude don’t love his dogs’ via a Quote Tweet.

LeBron’s frustrations were understandable, as the Lakers were in a position to close out their game against the Celtics, but instead, were forced to play an overtime period which led to their eventual loss. However, it’s understandable that some felt his reaction was a little too much, considering the game had not been lost at that point.

Jeanie Buss Understands LeBron’s Frustration

When speaking to Stephen A Smith on his Show Kn[no] Mercy podcast, Jeanie Buss shared her sympathy with LeBron James, noting how he’s currently carrying the burden of driving his team to victory on a nightly basis.

“I mean, unless he’s winning, he’s not going to be happy. That’s him. That’s what drives him. And I could see why he would be frustrated. We’re all frustrated with, you know, we’re down four starters, and he’s our only remaining starter, and he’s gotta show up and play. And, the burden’s on him,” Buss said.

LeBron, 38, is currently averaging 30.2 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per game while shooting 50.7% from the field and 31.2% from deep – as he continues to defy the aging process.

Anthony Davis Blames Refs For Celtics Loss

When speaking to the media following the Lakers’ loss to Boston, Anthony Davis risked a league-mandated fine by criticizing the referee’s performance down the stretch, noting how he felt his team had been robbed of victory.

“It was bull***. At the end of the day, it’s unacceptable. And I guarantee nothing’s going to happen to the refs. We got cheated tonight, honestly. It’s a blatant foul. Pat got all ball on Jaylen Brown, called a foul. LeBron gets smacked across his arm. It’s unacceptable, to be honest; they were bad tonight…To miss a call when the ref is sitting right there on the baseline, it’s tough…It wasn’t even a touch foul; I mean, the ball didn’t even move; he clearly smacked his arm,” Davis said.

The Lakers will be hoping that Davis can rediscover the MVP-level form he displayed to begin the season and help his team climb out of the bottom three places in the Western Conference as they bid to make a push to enter the play-in tournament by the end of the season.

Los Angeles will face off against the New York Knicks on January 31, in what is the second night of a back-to-back following their 121-104 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Monday, January 30.

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