Rams’ Bobby Wagner Reveals Top Trash Talker He Has Played With

Bobby Wagner

Getty Bobby Wagner before the November 27, 2022 road game at Kansas City.

Bobby Wagner has had this luxury in his illustrious NFL career: Playing alongside two All-Pro cornerbacks. Both are known to be on the loquacious side.

Which led to this question from Heavy NFL insider Matt Lombardo on “The Matt Lombardo Show” released on Thursday, December 22: Who’s the bigger trash talker? His Los Angeles Rams teammate Jalen Ramsey? Or his former Seattle Seahawks teammate Richard Sherman?

“That’s hard to compare because I had way more experience with Richard,” Wagner told Lombardo. “Like, Richard’s trash talk went way outside of football. At his house, we would talk trash pretty much everywhere. So it’s kind of hard to compare the two because I had my history with Sherman way beyond football. It’s basketball, ping pong, it’s pretty much everything so I’ll probably have to say Sherm.”

Are Sherman & Ramsey Comparable to Each Other?

Most NFL fans know the accolades Sherman left behind: Playing in three Super Bowls, winning the 2014 Super Bowl with “B Wagz” and earning five Pro Bowl appearances with three All-Pro nods.

Ramsey, meanwhile, has actually matched Sherman’s Pro Bowl and All-Pro nods in his career…all before the age of 29. And Ramsey is the owner of one Super Bowl ring which came before Wagner joined the “Rams House.”

But are both comparable on the football field?

“I think they’re both really good corners. And they play the corner position at a extremely high level,” Wagner said. “I think it’s hard to compare the two because the schemes is different, the playing style is different, but I think they’re both really good corners. And they both submitted their legacy. Jalen is still building his but Sherm definitely submitted his legacy as one of the best.”

Did Both Wagner & Ramsey Receive Pro Bowl Love?

In his first season playing with Ramsey, Wagner and the Rams have unfortunately endured a dismal 4-10 mark with three games left in the season. Ramsey and Wagner, despite the circumstances, have managed to avoid missing games due to injury.

Wagner continues his personal streak of surpassing more than 100 tackles in a season (currently the leader with 118). Ramsey is three tackles away from shattering his previous best mark of 77 tackles he got during the regular season of 2021. He’s also six pass deflections away from matching his past best of 17 from the 2017 season — during his first All-Pro campaign.

But it’s Aaron Donald who became the lone Pro Bowl pick from this season’s Rams roster.

Most fans became vocal about Wagner’s Pro Bowl snub. Wagner not only is a top 10 tackler in the league for 2022, but was also labeled as Pro Football Focus’s highest-graded linebacker.

Even the Rams were vocal about Wagner’s snub.

Ramsey, meanwhile, missed out on getting a nod — which now ends his personal streak of consecutive nominations in the league’s all-star event. The last time he didn’t make the Pro Bowl was his rookie season of 2016 while in Jacksonville.

Wagner & Bud Light

Wagner’s interview was set up through his partnership with Bud Light with a Christmas-themed promotion called “The Perfect Present.”

“Basically to enter a chance to win the perfect present, fans can tweet the hashtag ‘Bud Light Present’ and hashtag ‘sweepstakes’ at Bud Light or they can visit Bud Light on Twitter to learn more,” Wagner said.

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