Rams Surprisingly Cut 2 Prized Draft Finds, Spark Strong Reactions

Robert Rochell

Getty Robert Rochell on August 12, 2023 versus the Chargers.

Fans of the Los Angeles Rams now know who will comprise the 53-man roster ahead of the 2023 season now that roster cut day has passed.

However, two notable names once considered prized draft finds noticeably didn’t make the list — prompting some strong reactions from the “Rams House.”

Among the names not listed in the final 53? Offensive guard Logan Bruss, the first pick of the Rams’ 2022 draft class, and cornerback Robert Rochell, once a 2021 fourth-round find praised for his versatility.

The third-round selection, Bruss, was recently being experimented at right tackle and looked to be providing depth behind Rob Havenstein — all while coming back from a torn ACL. Rochell, meanwhile, managed to win the 2022 Super Bowl with the Rams and got some early action. Yet, he found himself lost in a revamped DB room.

Rams Roster Decisions Lead to Strong Reactions

The reactions were strong regarding the Rams making both a part of their waives.

“Wow. The Rams released Logan Bruss and Robert Rochell in the final round of cuts,” said USA Today’s Rams Wire managing editor Cameron DaSilva.

The Rams Brothers podcast called the move “upsetting,” yet described it as “the right move.”

“Logan Bruss and Robert Rochell being waived are really upsetting. Had faith in both of them becoming starters. That being said, it’s 110% the right move,” they said.

One fan hopes to see Bruss re-land on his feet.

“Shame about Logan Bruss. Didn’t look good in the preseason but changed positions after spending a year recovering from a major injury. Hope he gets a shot to keep developing,” the fan said.

Rochell’s departure additionally sparked strong responses. Some along the lines of expressing disappointment in never developing in the league.

“Robert Rochell out…Having similar measurables as an elite player is the easy part. You still have to put it all together,” said the account Seattle Rams.

Some fans, though, were melancholy about the decision.

“I liked Robert Rochell sad to see him go,” one Rams fan said.

How Did Both Get to This Point? And Could Both Still Return?

To answer the second question, both men could still make their back to the Rams. However, they would have to clear waivers first to return.

But how did it get to this point for two significant draft picks to suddenly no longer be considered as options for the active roster?

For Bruss, he was the first of what would become a bevy of injuries on the offensive line — sustaining his injury before the regular season. Then, the Rams addressed offensive line through both the draft (drafted Steve Avila and Warren McClendon at guard and tackle, respectively), and then, just one day ago, finalized a trade that earned the Rams offensive guard from the Pittsburgh Steelers Kevin Dotson.

The latter decision further meant that the Rams were clearly moving away from having Bruss at guard, hence the experimentation at tackle before the Tuesday roster decision.

As for Rochell, he went from five starts his rookie season of 2021 to losing ground to 2022 rookie cornerbacks Derion Kendrick and Decobie Durant. Rochell, the 130th overall pick in the fourth round of his draft class, didn’t start a single game last season and saw limited action in all 17 games.

Much like Bruss, Rochell witnessed a similar free agent move before the season when the Rams lured in veteran Ahkello Witherspoon at CB. Witherspoon is among the 53 who made the final roster. Also, rookies Tre Tomlinson and Jason Taylor II help fill the CB room.

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