Heat Could Potentially ‘Gamble’ on $120 Million All-Star Forward at Trade Deadline, Report

Erik Spoelstra

Getty Head coach Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat has words with referee Phenizee Ransom #70 during the second quarter against the Portland Trail Blazers

It’s no question that the Miami Heat needs another scorer. Jimmy Butler has carried the offensive load for the Heat for too long now. It was expected that he would get some help this offseason with Miami active in the trade market for superstars like Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell. However, they were unable to make any deals happen and have a very similar lineup to last season, only with more injuries and the loss of PJ Tucker in free agency. Victor Oladipo continues to battle injuries after returning last year, and Omer Yurtseven was ruled out for the rest of the season in Miami. With that considered, it becomes almost necessary for the Heat to add something to help Butler. One Western conference coach even noted to our own Sean Deveney that if Butler is Miami’s best player, the team can only go so far. 

“I’ve thought, even going back to 2020 when they were in the Finals in the bubble, that the only way they can win a championship is if Bam Adebayo is their best player,” the coach opined.

Adebayo has yet to fill that top role as the Heat’s top scorer, so perhaps it’s time for Miami to look to add another player to increase their championship odds, and they were recently linked to one former All-Star. 

Gordon Hayward Potential Heat Trade Target?

One place the Heat could look to for added production could be the Charlotte Hornets’ Gordon Hayward. The Heat were among Hayward’s potential free agent destinations on July 4th, where the NBA waited for his decision. He chose the Boston Celtics over the Heat, and the rest is history. However, according to one Eastern Conference GM, the Hayward Heat connection could come years later, and he named Miami as a team potentially interested in dealing for Hayward in their pursuit of a title, he said in a conversation with Heavy Sports’ NBA Insider Sean Deveney. 

“Hayward (currently out with a shoulder injury) is a gamble because it’s been five years since he was actually healthy,” one Eastern Conference GM told Heavy Sports. “But he’s only got one year after this one (at $31.5 million) and there are teams that probably need to take a gamble if they’re going to win a title—Dallas is one, and Miami. He’d be a good fit in Milwaukee or Phoenix, too, even New York. He has some versatility to his game. But again, can he stay on the floor? Is he worth the risk?

Hayward has had a solid start of the year for Charlotte, although battling a shoulder injury, he has averaged 17.4 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 4.1 points. He wouldn’t come in and be the leader for the Heat but is an excellent third or fourth option and a player that can create his own shot like the Heat need. 

Other Miami Heat Trade Rumors

Hayward isn’t the only trade rumor currently floating around the Heat organization. Some believe the team is ‘showcasing’ Duncan Robinson to make a trade with him more likely this season. One executive told Heavy Sports that Robinson is a player that the Chicago Bulls may look to for a trade. 

“I don’t know if they would get another big guy, with (Andre) Drummond there, but finding a way to make a deal for Richaun Holmes in Sacramento might be a way to give them some rim protection. The problem is, it is a tough fit with their salary structure, making the match, I don’t think you’d give up a Coby White for a guy riding pine in Sacramento. 

I think they’d do well with a volume 3-point shooter, a Buddy Hield or Luke Kennard or even Duncan Robinson, if they could figure out a way to make that deal. But again, the contracts are not really there for that kind of deal,” the Eastern Conference executive told Heavy Sports.

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