Brayan Bello, Red Sox Discussing Extension: Report

Brayan Bello

Getty Images Brayan Bello walks off the field following a start against the Astros

Although spring training has just begun, the Red Sox have been making headlines due to their young stars. On February 21st, Brayan Bello told reporters that his agents have had extension talks with the team. The news comes only days after Triston Casas told reporters that the Red Sox had approached him about an extension

While there is no deadline for a deal, Bello told MassLive’s Chris Cotillo that an extension might come together before the end of spring training.

“They’ve been talking to my agents,” Bello told Cotillo. “The agents have been the ones dealing with the team. I told them if we have a good offer to let me know. I’m still looking at everything that’s going on, but they’re the ones who have taken care of that for me.”

Why Brayan Bello is important to Boston’s Future

In a starting rotation full of question marks, Bello has the highest potential. In 41 games over the last two years, he has posted a 4.37 ERA and struck out 187 batters. While those statistics may not jump off the page, he has been better than those numbers indicate.

Entering last September, Bello had a 3.73 ERA through his first 23 starts. Fatigue then set in and his ERA skyrocketed. Despite his struggles, Bello was one of the few arms the Red Sox could count on.

While the talented 24-year-old is not a finished product, he has top-of-the-rotation stuff. He struck out at least five batters in 11 starts last season. Bello’s key going forward will be improving his control, which has been the focus this offseason.

Avoiding Past Mistakes

With Bello not slated to hit free agency until 2028, there is plenty of time to get a deal done. However the Red Sox are showing more urgency to sign players like Bello. In recent years, they failed to lock up homegrown stars such as Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts.

The Red Sox are determined not to let history repeat itself. Earlier this week, management acknowledged its past mistakes.

“Starting earlier, is probably a lesson,” team president and CEO Sam Kennedy told MassLive’s Sean McAdam. “We’ve not had a ton of success in extending our own guys. We have in the past and it’s been a great recipe for success. But I think starting those conversations earlier is a great idea.”

What to Expect From Bello in 2024

One of the reasons the Red Sox are showing interest in extending Bello is his desire to improve. After a rough September, he has focused on getting stronger and worked with Pedro Martinez. The former three-time Cy Young Award winner has become a mentor to the talented right-hander.

If Bello can improve his control, a breakout season could be coming. He has swing-and-miss stuff and ace-like potential. The key will be putting it all together.

After an offseason full of change, Bello is expected to anchor the Red Sox rotation. His focus over the next few weeks will be earning the opening day start. In regards to his future, Bello wants a deal that benefits him and the team.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s just not a lot of years but something that’ll be beneficial for both of us, for me and the team,” Bello told Cotillo.

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