Phillies’ Bryce Harper Had a ‘Perfect Answer’ After 3-HR Breakout

Bryce Harper

Getty Bryce Harper watches his April 2 grand slam against the Cincinnati Reds.

Philadelphia Phillies slugger Bryce Harper snapped out of his early-season slump in a major way. 

Harper hadn’t recorded a hit all season before April 2, going 0 for 11 with a walk in the Phillies’ first four games.

Then Harper went 3-4 with 3 home runs and a career-best 6 RBIs during the Phillies’ 9-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds on April 2.

Harper spoke with NBC Sports Philadelphia after the game, who asked him what he’ll likely remember about this three home run performance in 20 years. 

“Hopefully, this was the start of us winning [a World Series],” Harper responded. “You know? It’d be cool.”

Harper returning to form is exactly what the Phillies needed, if they hope to win their first World Series since 2008

Harper’s Historic Evening Almost Didn’t Happen

Regardless of whether this performance kickstarts a World Series run, Harper’s April 2 performance was historic for multiple reasons. 

The two-time NL MVP has only produced one three home run-hitting performance before. That came back in May 6, 2015, when he was still with the Washington Nationals.

Harper’s April 2 power surge — which was capped off by a majestic, 422-foot grand slam in the 8th inning — was also the 7th grand slam of his 13-season MLB career. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer noted that Harper’s evening made him the 20th Phillies player in history to hit three home runs in a game, and just the 5th in the past 25 years.

Harper nearly wasn’t given a chance to break his hitless streak. Prior to the April 2 game, there was concern about whether the Phillies and Reds would be able to play due to ongoing rain in the area. 

Luckily for the Phillies, conditions cleared up enough for the game to take place. 

When asked about the inclement weather, Harper told The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Any time you’re going out there playing in that cold weather, it’s not very fun.

“The way I could put it with you is, golfing in that weather, probably not very fun, right?” Harper added. “Same thing for us going out there. It’s not the greatest. But getting those runs on the board were really big for us.”

Considering how Harper missed the final three games of the Phillies 2024 spring training due to back stiffness, it’s a surprise that Phillies Manager Rob Thompson let Harper play in these poor conditions. 

The Reds surely wish he hadn’t.

Harper’s Wholesome Postgame Moment

Harper made one Phillies fan’s day after the big win. The second home run Harper hit marked the 1,000th run he has scored in his MLB career.

While an adult initially caught the home run ball, it was then given to a young fan named Dylan Silkowski. 

Harper then met up with Silkowski after the game ended, exchanged the historic home run ball with a signed one, then posed for a photo with the visibly ecstatic kid.

NBC Sports Philadelphia broadcaster Al Morganti shared a video of the wholesome interaction via X:

Now April 2, 2024, will be a day that both Harper and Silkowski will likely never forget. 

Although all other Phillies fans are just hoping Harper’s perfect postgame answer comes true. 


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