Joey Logano Treats His Mother to ‘Special’ Mother’s Day Surprise [WATCH]

Getty NASCAR driver Joey Logano

The NASCAR Cup Series drivers headed to Darlington Raceway on Sunday, meaning that they could not treat their respective mothers to special dinners. Team Penske’s Joey Logano decided to treat his mother, Deborah, to an early surprise since he would be busy on the actual holiday. Although she had some early issues with the vehicle used to reach the surprise.

Logano posted a video on his YouTube channel that provided a look at the “special” day. He explained that he had set up a Mother’s Day dinner somewhere in the woods and that they would spend time together before his trip to Darlington Raceway.

“I can handle this. You’re good to go,” Deborah said after climbing into the side-by-side. The professional race car driver responded by asking if he had the green light. “Well, not too fast,” his mother responded.

Logano seemingly missed the final comment about the speed. He put the side-by-side into gear and then immediately took off across the countryside while his mother screamed expletives. “Joey, I’m not kidding you! I’m really scared! I’m 65!” Deborah yelled as they traveled to their destination. She kept screaming as Logano handed her a bouquet of flowers while continuing to drive at a high speed.

The Mother’s Day dinner featured a unique interview

GettyJoey Logano celebrates

Once Logano and Deborah arrived at a table set up in the woods, which featured bottles of wine and lit candles, they took part in an impromptu interview. The Team Penske driver began asking his mother questions about his childhood as they enjoyed some Coca-Cola and pizza.

Part of the interview highlighted the inherent danger of professional stock car racing and how Deborah has continued to support her son throughout his career. She explained that she prays on every lap of his races and that she “really didn’t have a choice” other than supporting him.

Deborah continued to explain that Logano’s trophies are nice, but they are less important. She said that she is proud of the man that her son has become and how he is a humble person. “It’s you that I’m proud of,” she said in the video. “Of how you’ve handled yourself, how you treat people and are humble.”

Logano accepted the compliment but also countered by explaining that he is a reflection of his parents. He said that he wouldn’t have become a good person without having good people raising him and teaching him lessons.

Deborah took control of the drive home

With Logano providing several frightening moments en route to the special Mother’s Day meal, Deborah decided to take control of the drive back. She got behind the wheel of the side-by-side and showed that the 2018 Cup champion is not the only person in the family that likes to go fast.

While she did not drive quite as fast Logano, Deborah still traveled at a reasonable clip. She also screamed with excitement while putting the pedal to the medal and taking sharp corners in the side-by-side. Deborah even capped off the afternoon by sliding the offroad vehicle a few times.

With the special outing complete, Logano headed to Darlington for the Goodyear 400. He joined his peers at The Track Too Tough to Tame, trying to rack up crucial playoff points and reach Victory Lane.

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