Kyle Busch Rips NASCAR’s Young Drivers

Kyle Busch goes after NASCAR's young drivers on the Pat McAfee Show.

Getty Images Kyle Busch goes after NASCAR's young drivers on the Pat McAfee Show.

Kyle Busch pulled no punches on the mega-popular Pat McAfee Show, suggesting that today’s young NASCAR drivers are afraid to throw a punch.

In a thirty-minute chat with ESPN’s Pat McAfee, “Rowdy” Busch called out today’s young drivers, mocked F1 cars, and suggested Kyle Larson snuck behind his back to get a seat in this year’s Indy 500.

“Last week there was a couple of crashes, a couple of guys were pissed off at each other,” Busch told McAfee on March 14, “but I think the last guy to throw a punch was me so no fights have really happened lately. But it probably should, things would get settled a lot quicker.”

Busch was just getting started. For his part, McAfee urged him on.

“I’ll fight with anybody,” Busch told McAfee. Then joking, “I just gotta get up front first.”

When Kyle Busch Speaks, Drivers Listen

Kyle Busch loves to talk tough. When NBC Sports asked NASCAR fans who would win at Bristol, where NASCAR is racing this week, Kyle Busch or Dale Earnhardt, Busch himself gave the perfect answer: “Neither one of us would see the checkered.”

That said, few drivers have the ‘cred’ to speak their mind on the state of NASCAR — and the next generation of drivers — like Kyle Busch. Busch has 63 NASCAR Cup wins, most among active drivers, and ninth all time. He also holds the record for most wins in NASCAR Xfinity and NASCAR’s Truck series. When he speaks, drivers listen. So does the media.

When Busch goes on the Pat McAfee show and mocks younger NASCAR drivers for being afraid to throw a punch, that plays well with viewers. But his larger point probably isn’t lost on NASCAR.

“The younger generation is all about crashing before winning, so they tend to just throw it into the corner alongside of you and just wipe you out more times than not.”

Probably an exaggeration, but maybe Busch is also saying, rightly, that it might be safer — for everyone — if drivers threw a punch now and then rather than going after one another on track.

Like in hockey, having an enforcer ready to throw down may actually make it safer then letting players take hits on the ice. At least, safer for the stars.

Still, Busch admitted he’s an “aggressive” driver. And confessed to McAfee that he “got a little bit dirty” banging Denny Hamlin at this year’s Clash at the Coliseum. He also admitted that it probably cost him the win.

Kyle Busch Loves to Talk Tough

Kyle Busch rarely holds back — on track or in interviews. Last year, Busch called out NASCAR for becoming a “money game,” not a “success game anymore.” Implying that top talent isn’t on track due to the demands of sponsors.

And in today’s interview with Pat McAfee, Busch said far more than just going after younger drivers. He mocked “boring” Formula 1 races, implying their races are like “champagne” drinkers while NASCAR races are more like “bros” getting “sloshed.”

He also said that today’s NASCAR, similar to today’s NFL, puts an emphasis on being mistake-free. Mistakes can put a driver further back, Busch told McAfee, more than “being perfect” can push them forward.

He also called out the difficulty in passing in today’s NASCAR.

Just as interesting, Busch told McAfee that he would love to race the Indy 500, and even — despite mocking it — give Formula 1 a try. Although, he called out F1’s “politics.” And he shot down the likelihood of him ever racing in F1 due to their “two year” licensing process required “to prove you’re worthy enough.”