Blake Griffin Drops Truth Bomb on Celtics’ Core

Blake Griffin

Getty Blake Griffin #91 of the Boston Celtics.

It hasn’t taken much time for the Boston Celtics to leave an impression on Blake Griffin since he joined the team. After Griffin signed a one-year deal with the Celtics on September 30, Griffin has spent quality time off the court with his new teammates. That included going to the Boston College football game on October 8 with Payton Pritchard, Grant Williams, and Sam Hauser.

Griffin also went to a Jack Harlow concert with Pritchard and Jayson Tatum on October 10.

While talking to Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston, Forsberg asked how much of a draw the Celtics core was to Griffin. Griffin said the standards that the Celtics hold themselves to played a part in joining the team.

“It was a huge part of it. Obviously, this organization, from top to bottom, is special in that they hold people to championship expectations. Some people can shy away from that. These guys have embraced it, they’re part of it. So that was a draw,” Griffin said.

Griffin added how easy it’s been to get to know his new teammates because of how friendly they’ve been with him.

“Also, guys on the team being great guys, and since I got here, the guys that I didn’t really know that well, I’ve gotten to know really well. When you do it for 14 years, it’s easier to come into a situation and sort of feel comfortable. I guess the older you get, just the more comfortable you are with yourself.”

Griffin Clarifies ‘Refreshing’ Comments

When Griffin made his debut for the Celtics on October 7, Griffin caught up with Abby Chin of NBC Sports Boston, where he praised the Celtics’ intensity and maturity.

“The intensity and maturity level of this group is off the charts,” Griffin told Chin. “Every day when we get to work, it’s intense. It’s not that we’re going forever, but these guys are locked in, and no one has to tell us to be locked in, and that’s refreshing.”

Some interpreted this as a veiled shot at his previous team, the Brooklyn Nets. Griffin used the word again while talking to Forsberg about acclimating himself with the Celtics.

“These guys are very — I mean this in the best way — are normal guys, and that’s what you want in a team. You don’t want crazy egos, you don’t want this or that. Even our two superstars, even JB and JT, are just so easy to talk to. So a very, very refreshing experience.”

Griffin later clarified that using the word refreshing was not a shot at any of his previous teammates.

“I don’t mean that as a knock with anybody that I’ve played with or against. It’s just you don’t always have a team full of guys who just seem like they’re good dudes. And not that there’s bad guys — it’s just hard to describe. But I truly don’t mean that as a knock towards anybody. Really, I haven’t had bad teammates,” Griffin said.

Griffin Sounds Off on Celtics’ Title Chances

When Forsberg asked Griffin how he feels about the Celtics’ chances at winning it all, Griffin didn’t hesitate to express his faith in the team and what he brings to the locker room.

“We definitely have a legitimate chance,” Griffin said. “A lot goes into it. The teams that are healthiest, generally, are the teams [that succeed]. It’s obvious, but a lot goes into it. So, for me coming here, it’s about filling whatever role is needed. And not bringing the ego with it. To be a guy that helps the locker room, speaks up when needed.”