Celtics Legend Sounds Off on Jaylen Brown Trade Rumors

Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics

Getty Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics

Paul Pierce has experienced everything as an NBA player, with most of those experiences coming during his time with the Boston Celtics, as such, he’s well positioned to speak on the current Kevin Durant trade rumors.

Speaking to the media on July 26, the Celtics legend was blunt in his assessment, noting how he didn’t believe Boston needed to make a move, and that their roster was already capable of winning a championship.

“Nah, they’re not going to do that (trade Jaylen Brown), they’re not doing that. That ain’t happening. They don’t need to make no moves,” Pierce told reporters.

Brown has been linked with a trade to the Brooklyn Nets, with The Athletic’s Shams Charania reporting that Boston tabled an offer consisting of Brown, Derrick White, and draft picks but the Nets countered the offer and discussions have stalled since.

Jayson Tatum Weighs in on Trade Talks

Jayson Tatum was at the same event as Pierce on July 25, and as such, was also in front of the media, where he answered some questions surrounding the current trade rumors.

“I played with him (Durant) during the Olympics. Obviously, he’s a great player, but that’s not my decision. I love our team, love the guys that we’ve got, I don’t know if that report is true or not…I don’t believe everything I see on TV, I’ve seen some s*** about me that was a lie, you don’t know what’s true and what’s not true,” Tatum said.

Tatum and Brown are widely considered to be one of the best duo’s in the NBA, and with neither of them entering their prime yet, there is every reason to believe they’re capable of bringing a championship to Boston. However, this isn’t the first time Brown’s name has been floated in trade rumors, and with the Georgia native’s contract due to expire in two years, the Celtics could be operating on borrowed time.

Brown Potentially Upset by Rumors

It’s worth remembering that Brown was unquestionably Boston’s best player against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, as Jayson Tatum struggled with a shoulder injury.

Yet, just a few weeks later, it would seem that Brad Stevens and the front office were trying to utilize his performances to find themselves an upgrade in the form of Durant. In a recent article for Bleacher Report, A Sherrod Blakely detailed the view of a Western Conference coach – a view that predicts Brown could be on the move once his contract expires.

“When you give your blood, sweat, and tears, as I know he has to that team, and you don’t feel you’re getting that same love back, it’ll definitely make you look different or look twice at your front office and how they do things,” a Western Conference coach told the Blakely.

Hopefully, Brown was aware of the discussions before they made their way into the mainstream media, and was not caught off guard by being included in negotiations. Still, there’s a very good chance the veteran wing will begin to look elsewhere if his name keeps getting thrown around in potential star trades.