Celtics Sent Ominous Warning on Jaylen Brown’s Future

Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

Getty Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

Since news broke that the Boston Celtics were considering trading Jaylen Brown to the Brooklyn Nets in return for Kevin Durant, a lot has been said about Boston’s star wing player’s potential future with the franchise.

Brown has been here before, having previously been floated in trade discussions for Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, Bradley Beal, and now Durant, so it’s fair to assume he’s feeling a little neglected.

In a recent article by Bleacher Report’s A Sherrod Blakely, multiple executives from around the league shared their thoughts on Brown’s long-term future with the Celtics, with the common response being, “He won’t forget this.”

“When you give your blood, sweat, and tears, as I know he has to that team, and you don’t feel you’re getting that same love back, it’ll definitely make you look different or look twice at your front office and how they do things,” a Western Conference coach told the Bleacher Report journalist.

Brown has been with the Celtics since they drafted him with the third pick in the 2016 NBA Draft and has two years remaining on his current deal.

Jayson Tatum Speaks on Trade Rumors

On July 26, Jayson Tatum was asked for his opinion on the current trade rumors that are keeping the Celtics in the headlines, and whether he believed the reports that Jaylen Brown was offered in return.

“I played with him (Durant) during the Olympics. Obviously, he’s a great player, but that’s not my decision. I love our team, love the guys that we’ve got, I don’t know if that report is true or not…I don’t believe everything I see on TV, I’ve seen some s*** about me that was a lie, you don’t know what’s true and what’s not true,” Tatum told reporters.

Tatum and Brown are coming off a stellar season where they lead the Celtics within two games of an NBA championship before falling at the hands of the Golden State Warriors, and after Boston strengthened their roster with the additions of Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari, it’s hard to envision them altering their core this summer.

Trade Talks are Likely ‘Weeks Old’

While the news only hit our social media feeds on Monday, July 25, it would appear that the actual trade discussions are much older, with ESPN’s Brian Windhorst noting how the negotiations probably took place ‘several weeks ago’.

“I know that it came out today so it’s front of mind, but from what I understand those are not fresh talks. Right now the Nets’ viewpoint is: If they can’t get their price, they’re going to ride out the storm. They could start the season with Durant or that could be a negotiating stance,” Windhorst noted on a July 25 appearance on Arizona Sports’ Bickley & Marotta.

Regardless of when the discussions took place, if Brown was made to be the centerpiece of a potential deal, it will likely leave him feeling disenchanted about his position within the team. And given how Brown has consistently been one of the Celtics’ best players, that could come back to haunt them once it’s time for Brown to negotiate a new contract in free agency.