Heat Legend Dwyane Wade Sends Strong Message to Celtics’ Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum

Getty Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum has accomplished a lot in his six years in the NBA. In his six seasons with the Boston Celtics, Tatum’s already been to four Eastern Conference Finals on top of an NBA Finals appearance in 2022. Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade did not hold back when talking about how he feels about Tatum.

While talking with Sports Illustrated’s Bobby Krisvitsky, Wade gushed about Tatum, explaining why he likes Tatum so much.

“He’s one of my favorite players in the NBA. He’s one of my favorite people in the NBA to communicate with, to talk with, to do anything with, and I want to see him get everything he wants from the game,” Wade said.

He added what Tatum has to do to prepare for next season to get himself to the next level.

“You’ve got to have patience with it as well. Your career doesn’t look like someone else’s; it just doesn’t. And so, his biggest obstacle next year is showing up next year; getting back to work and getting back to the grind, getting back to the day-to-day. Put your best foot forward. And you know what, if you get an opportunity again, hopefully, the results can be different for you.”

Wade helped the Heat win three NBA titles during his playing career on top of two additional NBA Finals appearances on top of that, so he knows what it takes.

Jaylen Brown Talks About Loss of Marcus Smart

After agreeing to a supermax contract with the Celtics, Brown talked about the big changes on the horizon, especially after losing Marcus Smart.

“Definitely a lot of big changes,” Brown said. “Change is not always a bad thing. My brother and my teammate — and one of my best friends — is not on the team anymore. Everybody knows it — I learned so much from Marcus.”

Brown added how it wasn’t always easygoing between the two of them, but made it clear how much he and Boston will miss him.

“Marcus has been somebody that’s, like, we butted heads at times. We fought, we did it all, we put each other in headlocks, etc. The journey won’t feel the same without him, to be honest,” Brown said. “But it’s a part of life. It’s a part of what you do going forward. And everything he’s instilled into this organization — everything he’s instilled into this community — is still going to be with us, still carried with us. So we’re going to wish him well on his new journey. Obviously, the city of Boston is going to feel the loss of his impact when he’s no longer here, but we’ll be able to keep moving forward.”

Kevin Garnett Calls Out Execs Mocking Jaylen Brown’s Deal

After Brown’s new deal was announced, ESPN’s Zach Lowe revealed that multiple executives questioned the Celtics’ decision to pay that much for Brown.

“I’ve had a couple of people in opposing front offices tell me something along the lines of ‘Are the Celtics really gonna pay their third or fourth or fifth best player all this money?’” Lowe said on the July 25 episode of “The Lowe Post” podcast.

Celtics legend Kevin Garnett questioned those that believe the Celtics overpaid for the two-time star.

“Huh? Bron, KD, and Steph play for Boston now? Tf,” Garnett tweeted.