Twitter Reacts to Former MVP Candidate’s Celtics Debut

Blake Griffin

Getty Blake Griffin #2 of the Brooklyn Nets.

Something that Boston Celtics fans were looking forward to when the preseason arrived was the debut of six-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin. Griffin did not play the first two preseason games since he was a late offseason addition who was acclimating himself to his nw team, but he finally made his debut for the Celtics against the Charlotte Hornets on October 7.

When he was done for the night, this was his final statline in his first game with the Celtics.

Griffin’s first preseason game with the team came with some warts, but he showed his shooting, passing, and rebounding abilities that made him so appealing for the Celtics to sign.

After Celtics fans got their first glimpse of what Griffin could do, all in all, they sounded optimistic about what Griffin’s role would be on the team. Especially when the roster is at full health.

Others pointed out that, while Griffin played well in his first preseason game, what matters more than anything is if Griffin can keep this up for when it truly matters for the Celtics.

Some said that Griffin himself, all in all, simply looked happy to be on a team looking to win.

The overall feeling was that Blake looked fine in his new role, and he looked happy to do what he could do for the Celtics.

Blake Praised the Celtics for Maturity and Intensity

While Griffin praised the Celtics for their atmosphere when he first arrived in Boston, he praised the team for their intensity and maturity as a unit after their preseason game with the Hornets.

“The intensity and maturity level of this group is off the charts,” Griffin told Abby Chin of NBC Sports Boston. “Every day when we get to work, it’s intense. It’s not that we’re going forever, but these guys are locked in, and no one has to tell us to be locked in, and that’s refreshing.”

While Griffin could be comparing the Celtics to his previous team, the Brooklyn Nets, the bottom line is that he liked what he’s seen thus far from the Celtics as far as work ethic goes. Griffin was also asked about what it was like to be out there for the first time.

“It felt alright, a little rusty. I hadn’t played five-on-five yet, so it’s always a little weird coming in a little late, but these guys are great… I was glad we picked it up in the second half to get the win.”

Payton Pritchard Calls Blake ‘Perfect Fit’

In his postgame press conference, Celtics guard Payton Pritchard praised Griffin for his fit with the team.

“I’ve known Blake actually since high school because of when I was (formerly) committed to Oklahoma, but he’s a great dude. People already love him. He gels well with the team, so he’ll be a perfect fit.”

Pritchard then went on to explain that he had been committed to the University of Oklahoma because it was his parents’ alma mater but opted to stay home in Oregon instead.

Though it’s only been a little over a week since Griffin signed with the Celtics, it’s clear he’s been leaving a strong impression on his new teammates already.