James Posey on Time With Celtics Big 3: ‘We All Felt Like Superstars’

James Posey, Boston Celtics

Getty James Posey for the Boston Celtics in their 2008 NBA Finals game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

James Posey only spent one season with the Boston Celtics Big 3, but that experience left a lasting impression on the two-time NBA champion. In a recent article for Basketball News, Posey recalls his single season with the Celtics title-winning team and how none of his other stops compared to the environment he enjoyed in Boston.

During his one-year stint with the Celtics, Posey participated in 74 regular-season games, averaging 7.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 1.5 assists while shooting 41.8% from the field and 38% from three per Basketball-Reference.

When the playoffs rolled around for Posey and the Celtics, in what became a championship run, the veteran guard averaged 6.7 points, 3.6 boards, and 1.1 dimes on 43.7% shooting from the field and 39.8% from deep on 3.4 attempts per game.

Posey joined the Celtics, already owning a championship ring from his time with the Miami Heat, where he lifted the trophy in 2006. Irrespective of Posey’s championship, or the gulf in quality between the Celtics stars and end-of-bench talent, the former point guard recalls how Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen had developed a team-friendly culture that made everyone on the roster feel included and important.

“We never really looked at the team as different classes of players. We all felt like superstars and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company so much that we all just kinda formed one big clique,” Posey wrote, “I played for seven different teams over the course of my 12-year career in the league, and nowhere else was able to compare to the situation in Boston.”

Posey Discusses What Made Ray Allen & Kevin Garnett Great

Posey retains a good relationship with his former Celtics teammates, even having Allen on an episode of his podcast last season.

Allen currently sits atop of the NBA’s All-Time three-pointers made list, with Steph Curry still 746 short of taking the top spot. “His work ethic was just insane, he’d always go up and get shots up early before anyone else, and you could just tell that he was motivated to always be ready and to keep his skills sharp,” Posey wrote when recalling Allen’s approach to his game.

Allen spent five seasons in Boston, where he played 358 regular-season games and averaged 16.7 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.7 assists while shooting 40.9% from three on 5.4 attempts per game. Allen then headed to Miami for the final two years of his career, a move that angered Garnett.

Yet, Posey retains a good relationship with “The Big Ticket,” recalling him as “Another type of beast, altogether.” Posey also recalls former teammate Sam Cassell, who played with Garnett in Minnesota, explaining how Garnett’s work ethic was enjoyable and infectious but couldn’t prepare him for what he would witness.

“Sam was KG’s teammate in Minnesota, so he knew what was coming, but even those warnings couldn’t prepare any of us for what Ticket was,” Posey recalls, “Ticket always gave 125% effort. He did everything with intensity and purpose. He played hard defense, he talked trash, and he was out there leading the way.”

Posey Recalls Paul Pierce 2008 Finals Performance

During the 2008 NBA Finals, Pierce’s performances raised his standing in the echelon of NBA greats after he went toe-to-toe with a prime Kobe Bryant and came out victorious.

“For me, it was a ‘Wow!’ moment to see him going shot-for-shot with Kobe in the Finals. I knew P was nice already, but for me, his performance during the 2008 Finals put him in a different category altogether,” Posey details in his article.

The Celtics won their series against the Lakers to lift the 2008 NBA trophy, but Pierce’s scoring led the way. In 6 games, Pierce totaled 131 points, 38 assists, 27 rebounds, 7 steals, and 2 blocks while leading the Celtics in points and free-throw attempts, per Basketball-Reference.

“He was a great example of a player who, I think, changed his outlook and changed his approach, and was able to accomplish the ultimate goal,” Posey details when discussing Pierce’s growth as a player.

Pierce spent 15 seasons in Boston, participating in 1102 regular-season games and 136 playoff appearances for the team, and sits atop of six all-time statistical categories for the team.

Now a writer and podcaster for BasketballNews, Posey releases a new article each week along with his “Posecast” podcast and often speaks of his fondness for his time within the Boston Celtics history and his time with the team’s big three.

“I look back on my time in Boston and cherish the memories. I also, obviously, cherish playing with and learning from three of the greatest to ever do it,” Posey writes as he ends his recent article.






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