Jaylen Brown Calls Out Ref After Ejection From Celtics Game

Jaylen Brown

Getty Jaylen Brown

Before the Boston Celtics beat the New York Knicks, the referees ejected Jaylen Brown after they called him for two consecutive technical fouls. Brown was furious after his ejection.

During his postgame press conference, Brown called out the referee who threw him out of the game.

“I always thought my first career ejection would be something a little more exciting. Guys tussling up, thrown to the ground. Not some overemotional ref who had a bad day. What I’m most upset about is that I should’ve gotten my f***ing money’s worth,” Brown said, per NBC Sports Boston’s YouTube Channel.

Brown delved further into what happened before his ejection, explaining why he disagreed with it.

“After he called the first tech, I wasn’t even talking to him,” Brown said. “So I was talking to the other ref trying to explain my case. You can tell his emotions were involved and x, y, z, wanted to make it a back-and-forth. I’m explaining to the ref, and he calls a second tech from the other side of the court, which is a clear example of somebody exercising their power to try to get somebody thrown out of the game. I thought it was bull****. It is what it is. We got the win.”

The Celtics closed it out against the Knicks anyway, but Brown’s ejection seemed unwarranted, knowing where the game was at.

Joe Mazzulla Defends Jaylen Brown After Ejection

After the Celtics beat the Knicks, Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla defended Jaylen Brown after his ejection during his postgame press conference.

“The ref told me that he gave him the first technical because Jaylen said, ‘Don’t call that weak-ass s***,’” Mazzulla said, per NBC Sports Boston’s X account. “So he gave him a tech for that. I’ve been on the sidelines in the NBA for five years. I’ve seen players act and say things that are way more disrespectful than that.”

While Mazzulla wanted to say more, he said that “I’m doing everything I can to not cost myself $25,000.”

Brown has gotten into a number of fights since starting his NBA career. However, since starting his career with the Celtics in 2016, not once had he been ejected. Brown also didn’t appear to be acting out much despite disagreeing with the referees’ initial call before being thrown out of the game.

Kristaps Porzingis’ Thoughts on Jaylen Brown’s Ejection

During his postgame press conference, Kristaps Porzingis gave his thoughts on Jaylen Brown’s ejection, mocking himself in the process.

“It doesn’t happen too often to him. Happens probably more to me than anybody else on this team, but we’re working on it. This is a part where we can grow,” Porzingis said, per CLNS Media Boston Sports Network’s YouTube Channel.

Porzingis shouted out the team as a whole for not letting the drama get to their heads before finishing off the Knicks.

“We maintained our composure, coaches too, and everybody stayed calm, and we just kept playing and didn’t really give them too much hope. They did get a little bit closer, but we were able to maintain the lead and finish out the game.”

Beating the Knicks means the Celtics still have yet to lose at home and are 11-1 in games that Porzingis plays.