Jayson Tatum Drops Truth Bomb on Celtics Team Chemistry

Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics

Getty Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics

Ever since rumors surfaced about the Boston Celtics showing interest in trading for Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets, there have been some concerns about what the team chemistry will be like once the new season gets underway.

However, when speaking to the media at his basketball camp on July 30, All-Star wing Jayson Tatum moved to ease those concerns, as he revealed all of the Celtics players have remained in contact since their season ended after losing the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors.

“We’ve all been in contact, just checking in on each other, see how they’re doing. Everybody is traveling with their family and stuff right now, but probably next month, guys will start getting back in the gym. Some of us might be in LA together and we’ll work out, stuff like that…Chemistry is half the battle. I feel like you can have a great team with great talent, and not necessarily gel together. You guys saw we figured it out in January and never looked back…It’s a little different, knowing that we got to a certain point and were so close. And we’re excited to get back to that, get back to the group because we’ve got unfinished business,” Tatum told reporters during his media availability. 

Hopefully, by staying in touch, the Celtics’ star players have to remain united in their efforts to return to the NBA Finals next season and are supporting Jaylen Brown throughout these rumors – as Boston will need their star players firing on all cylinders if they wish to repeat the successes of last season.

Many Expect Brown to be Disappointed Following Rumors

Brown has been in this situation before, most notably when Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis were both looking to force trades away from their respective teams – and in both instances, Brown was considered to be the primary makeweight in any potential deal.

And now, just weeks after excelling in the NBA Finals, the Georgia native finds his name being floated in trade talks once again. According to Bleacher Report’s A Sherrod Blakely, one Western Conference Scout told him that Brown might remember these trade saga’s when it comes time for him to negotiate a new contract.

“When you give your blood, sweat, and tears, as I know he has to that team, and you don’t feel you’re getting that same love back, it’ll definitely make you look different or look twice at your front office and how they do things,” Blakely wrote on July 27.

Brown has two years remaining on his current deal, meaning there is plenty of time for the Celtics to convince him his future remains in Boston, and to do that, they will need to continue contending for a championship, and featuring him as a primary part of their offensive and defensive gameplan.

Tatum ‘Doesn’t Believe Everything on TV’

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Tatum since the rumors broke on July 25, as the All-Star wing spoke to the media while at the movie premier of NYC Point Gods on July 27.

“I don’t believe everything that I see on TV. I done seen some s*** about me that was a lie, so you never really know what is true and what’s not true,” Tatum told reporters.

Given the Celtics’ recent success, one would hope that Brad Stevens continues to build around the duo of Brown and Tatum, rather than looking to take a shortcut by adding somebody like Durant, who will be turning 34 shortly after the start of the season. And, if the Celtics squad has truly remained in contact, we can certainly be expecting a better start to the upcoming season than we saw last year.


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