Jrue Holiday Opens Up About ‘Weird’ Trade to Celtics

Jrue Holiday

Getty Jrue Holiday

The Boston Celtics acquired Jrue Holiday very late in the 2023 NBA Offseason. The Celtics acquired Holiday days before the start of preseason. Holiday explained to FOX Sports’ Melissa Rohlin why his trade to the Celtics initially felt weird to him.

“I think it was weird when I got traded to the Celtics being a fan of the Lakers growing up,” Holiday told Rohlin in a December 26 story. “But I think the switch was really easy knowing the type of history the Celtics have is similar to the Lakers. It was always cool seeing the battles with Kobe and Shaq, Paul Pierce and [Kevin Garnett], and all those guys. But, now that I’m on this side, I’m super happy and excited.”

Holiday then explained why playing for the Celtics is the best situation for him at this point in his career.

“I think probably since I got traded that this has been my best situation to win,” Holiday told Rohlin. “For where I am in my career and what I want to do, and the goals I want to reach, I feel like this team is on the same path. So, this is definitely, in my opinion, the best situation.”

Coincidentally, because the Celtics played the Lakers on Christmas Day, Holiday was home for the holidays for the first time in his NBA career, per Marc J. Spears.

Jrue Holiday’s Thoughts on Celtics’ Christmas Performance

After the Celtics beat the Lakers on Christmas day, Jrue Holiday explained why the Celtics have been playing so well as of late.

“I think as a team, we’re really in a groove,” Holiday told NBC Sports Boston’s Abby Chin. “It’s a great road trip that we had (going) 3-1. I wish we could have won 4-0, but yeah, we’ve been playing well.”

Holiday also explained to Chin how he was able to guard LeBron James and Anthony Davis so well.

“Just try to be a pest. They’re going to score. They’re going to get a lot of touches, volume shots, but do your best to stay in front of them. Make them contest the twos and not foul.”

Holiday added how losing to the Golden State Warriors fueled the Celtics for the rest of the trip.

“The loss kind of sets the tone. Especially in a game where we were up 17, and we wanted to win that game. I know how much it means to the team that made it to the finals, so to be able to end the road trip the way we did was great.”

Wyc Grousbeck Comments on Re-Signing Jrue Holiday

NBC Sports Boston caught up with Celtics’ owner Wyc Grousbeck during their game against the Los Angeles Clippers on December 23. Grousbeck discussed many topics, including potentially re-signing Jrue Holiday.

Per Grousbeck, what people have been telling him since acquiring Holiday is, “Re-sign Holiday. That’s on your to-do list,” as he said on NBC Sports Boston’s broadcast.

Given what the Celtics gave up to get Holiday, it makes sense that Grousbeck gets reminders to keep him long-term. The Celtics will have the chance to work out an extension with Holiday in April. Following the results the Celtics have had since trading for him, it’d be hard to see them letting him go after one season.

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